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seeing and then some

As i type this post, I am listening to the Ugandan Artiste Exodus...

This crossed my mind a couple of days ago and thought it worthwhile to share my thoughts...
"So many times, what you are looking at is not what you actually see"
There is something about vision, seeing and perception. They are related and can stand independent of each other in different contexts.
I was walking passed the flagship Selfridges Store, and you would know that the store has very creative and interestingly arranged merchandise on their shop windows. Shop windows are the invitation cards without the print

So many ideas are borne from seeing as well as perceiving and to an extent a level of vision, to get the message across, people have to see something - the essence of visual merchandising and adverts in many occasions. Seeing is done through the physical eyes and seeing through the eyes of the mind. The 'running tap' must have been an absurd idea at its onset however today it is as normal …

Eu amo Brasil

Eu amo Brasil tanto.
Parem de brigar, por favor...

Last Sunday this Sunday

So last Sunday started like this Sunday started. The sun came out pretty early and like the sun, I stepped out for the early communion too. This was for about 45minutes and then home. The sun didn’t last for long or do much warming up.

The Sunday service at the church much later was lovely, learnt about imitating Christ at our work place, such that our lives actually tell the good news. And then EAT...

They had done some renovations at this branch of EAT we stepped into. I must say it is about the only branch of EAT I ever find myself in. However, these renovations seem to chase away customers, than welcome my opinion. Right from the floor upwards... all cold no cosy, like a quick fix meal place at a train station or bus station. Not thinking of going back in a while, seems the reworks are for a long spell.

Headed out much later to hang out with a couple of friends at Hampstead heath. Attracted a couple of cute dogs, made noise and had good laughs. At some point the Primros…


Ever wondered why you are alive, and on this earth?
Ever wondered if you can pluck out the sun, while listening to Sean Paul's 'Gimme the Light'?

While wondering and asking questions... do stop and take a moment to remember the friends and smiling people you are surrounded by...

The people who would laugh with you, and smile at you, and even share their joys with you... while you listen to that soundtrack from Disney's Aladdin 'Friend like me'

sometimes one just has to 'chair up' and listen to 'California' by Phantom Planet and the theme song of the O.C
or just keep whistling those other happy tunes...

may be, definitely, a broken heart

a piece of my heart has left with you keep it safe,
till you smile at me someday
may be by then i will understand what love is about loving one so much,
 it hurts to have them far far far away

 i'd never think it like it is it will always be like it was with you,
those times you'd smile and we'd spray your perfumes
and then shout and we'd drink all the malt in your store
and when it was time to go
you stand at your spot and wave us good bye

a piece so large you've taken
the tears come and go but you have to keep it
my senior senior me...
i'll miss you forever

 got viva la vida playing, then accidentally in love, then the monkey song... all at the same time in my head


Is there more to hope than we know? Or is that truly we know nothing about hope? Not that I am searching for answers or looking for opportunities to generate questions I am only lost in thought. I am only facing something I have never had an interest in. It seems i am only trying to hold the wings of the wind...

about sometimes

sometimes some talk is noise
sometimes noise is just not welcome
sometimes the words that make sense to the speaker of such words
will make no sense to the hearer of such words
sometimes the source one's happiness simply lies in one's heart
and not even in those around...

"...there is a way that may seem right, but that way only leads to destruction"

life not so golden

Watched the prisoners episode 2 on iplayer a couple of minutes after i started typing this post. Actually, i was moved to type this post because i watched it. So many thoughts crossing through my mind as the cameras follow the lives of two girls  and one guy, the guy my age-mate and one of the girls ten years younger.... At 18, i was in my 3rd year at Uni, 1st Degree, life was, you know cool, the required responsibilities, the added blessings, living my life like it’s golden... watching that episode... it is really, really sad I have been complaining about politicians who have made it their aim to pull down what others have built (may be one day i will type out my thoughts), I have complained about the victim mentality Africa nations have but...watching that episode... It is soooo sad, I have been telling myself, Lord make a way like we all need help. This post is going to be full of irrational typing.... young children who believe that life is – well – bada bing bada boom, *shrugs*y…

on this on that

I was looking forward to this weekend because of two things
one happened friday
and the other... about to happen
but halfway into today
i have come to a conclusion, that a lot of people
DO NOT know how to do good

your candle

today, you would have been twenty-nine
i did the same thing i did the morning you passed away
i went out, a long walk
here's to your light that hasn't been put out
rest now old friend,
i remember those days filled with laughter and still some pain even thru your smile...

on the week that went by

The week went by glad to be alive, Man City FC lost to Everton FC... some good in that :)
Many things in the last week however two events stood out.
So in Nigeria and among Nigerians 'my oga at the top' was trending.
me *shrugs* the tshirts i saw looked cool.
I am of the opinion that the man who was interviewed simply got what he deserved and hopefully a real change trigger. It seems (IMO) light up naija didn't trigger change nor did the occupy naija trend.
Nigerians have had enough of 'waffling' seriously!

This man was utterly ignorant and was glad to publicly show it. Of he knew what the interview on air was clearly about and should have ensured that he worked towards it. But no he didn't. And this is an example of so many so called leaders in the country. Leaders who make no effort to be hard working. A society that doesn't encourage 'the need to keep learning' will fail. Clearly he refused to 'keep learning'. The year my grand aunt turned…

a note on today

I was lost in my thoughts
I was on the bus
It rain all through today
It was a grey and cold
I had noticed the man at the bus stop, but felt he was shifty
I judged
He stood behind right at the door
He tried to press the bell, his hand brushed over mine
I was lost in my thoughts, a slight tweak of the lips but no eye contact
I dismissed him.
Got off the bus and then it hit me, he was still behind me,
Gradually but slower as he tried to exit the bus also
we looked at each other, then it hit me, I was just plain horrible...

This time i forgot to smile and this time, it could have counted.
as he walked into World's End Health Centre
on today? I am so sorry
so i

one of those issues

I get high on 'happy' like people do on digestible alcohol and other stuff. And so I have my high and low moments too.
Well in one of my in-between moments, a thought crossed my mind the other day.
"do we find security in money?"
I pondered, and thought deeply as I walked to buy bananas among other supplies about this question.
I have noticed a lot of new cars in the area, two phantoms to be precise, seems the neighbors are striking paper gold somewhere anyway, so I thought further... it can be security enough if it will keep you in a house or somewhere you call home.
It can't just end there. In my opinion, it is a cycle.
Work to get money - get money to buy stuff - When there is demand, inflation or uniqueness, 'stuff' become or get more expensive' - and then you have to work more
and it keeps going round and about like that, like the wheels of Ben-hur's chariot.
But, it is understandable, or don't you think so?
We've grown to depend on i…

currently on my mind

woke up this morning to Lerato (big brother africa) 's tweet
"poor Oscar"
and i just felt 'something is wrong'
today's news has really made me *sigh* so many times
my heart goes out to Oscar, his girlfriend's family, his family....
it's really really sad.
At times like this i wish we could go back into yesterday to change things

the flygirl

so far in january

Happy new year once again. Been forming up posts in my  head but never getting round to actually type or post. (like as usual)
Still though, each day so far in January, has been eventful in its own way.

Living Single. I have been watching reruns of that 90s series and Lord knows that it is such a good laugh. Bless

Anyone seen this Coca-cola/Ridley Scott animation Polar bears on youtube? It is really lovely too. Well done, good plot and shots and it comes in French too.

On my Spanish language, a bit of progress so far I seem to have pushed the Portuguese language aside for a bit.

A blog/vlog/website i am totally liking and stumbled on today is SongbirdDiva's. I find it funny as well as where one can learn a thing or two.........kinda like a girl thing.

So about 2013 and being quiet, can't say that anymore. I am helping to plan three weddings and one includes my arty-quirky touch. Cool or what?
So I went fabric hunting in the passed week, Joel and Sons is the place you want to s…