Last Sunday this Sunday

So last Sunday started like this Sunday started. The sun came out pretty early and like the sun, I stepped out for the early communion too. This was for about 45minutes and then home. The sun didn’t last for long or do much warming up.

The Sunday service at the church much later was lovely, learnt about imitating Christ at our work place, such that our lives actually tell the good news. And then EAT...

They had done some renovations at this branch of EAT we stepped into. I must say it is about the only branch of EAT I ever find myself in. However, these renovations seem to chase away customers, than welcome my opinion. Right from the floor upwards... all cold no cosy, like a quick fix meal place at a train station or bus station. Not thinking of going back in a while, seems the reworks are for a long spell.

Headed out much later to hang out with a couple of friends at Hampstead heath. Attracted a couple of cute dogs, made noise and had good laughs. At some point the Primrose hill showed us the lovely sights it is famous for enabling you to see. The sun did eventually come back out to set. At this time, we were all tucked in at the Garden Gate pub. Shout out to ‘Rich’ the hot chocolates rocked like wow! and he fixed us up with lovely ‘biscotti’. Good food place and the tone there is brilliant too. Made more noise, good talks - talking up on Inspector Montalbano the laughs were cleansing as well... the only issue I had there was their loo... I will totally head back there and with friends too.

Thinking back about last Sunday, this Sunday :).... was brill...

today's been a doesn't feel too real still...16th May...


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