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so far in january

Happy new year once again. Been forming up posts in my  head but never getting round to actually type or post. (like as usual)
Still though, each day so far in January, has been eventful in its own way.

Living Single. I have been watching reruns of that 90s series and Lord knows that it is such a good laugh. Bless

Anyone seen this Coca-cola/Ridley Scott animation Polar bears on youtube? It is really lovely too. Well done, good plot and shots and it comes in French too.

On my Spanish language, a bit of progress so far I seem to have pushed the Portuguese language aside for a bit.

A blog/vlog/website i am totally liking and stumbled on today is SongbirdDiva's. I find it funny as well as where one can learn a thing or two.........kinda like a girl thing.

So about 2013 and being quiet, can't say that anymore. I am helping to plan three weddings and one includes my arty-quirky touch. Cool or what?
So I went fabric hunting in the passed week, Joel and Sons is the place you want to s…