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10th seems like a start

Am I doing the wrong thing?
I am, I am pretty sure...
Am I getting carried away by the attention?
I am, I am pretty sure....
Do I want it to stop? Did I want it to stop?
of that I am not pretty sure
Mixed feelings, different emotions, warmth
I want something that really is forbidden
Is that the life of my human ness?
I've got my legs tightly wrapped around each other 
In my mind is another web not spurn by a spider.
I know how I want to feel.
Because "I ask too many questions"
I'm only looking out for me

Ps: I watched my event, the event that Oscar Pistorius set a new record in. Saturday evening's event. Yes and what an experience it was, just being there. The javelin throwers, higher jumpers, all the athletes...

yesterday so painful

The most painful part of my yesterday was not the rejection.
No it was my right little finger nail that got broken that pained me most
It's one thing for someone to tell me "you can't or you are not wanted" based on petty 'comparative measures'
It is another thing for my nail to break and because I was there...
My nail got broken and it is painful.

So the Film festival is still on and I got the chance to see a short film titled "we are Rwandans" directed by Debs Paterson, the other day.
So much to learn, so much to take in. The question is "how much can you bring out to show what you have learnt"

One lesson I learnt from that short film based on a true life story is this
- embedded in the core of unity, is love that can stand the test of anything, guns, words, knives, fire. In real love, there is unity, a bond unbreakable.

september starts with something to remember

It's been a good day today, the first day of September. I am grateful.
The last two weeks of August were a bit too 'closing'
like the part in star wars ep iv, after princess Leah had been saved and they were in some waste disposal
chute with walls coming together, ready to mash them up.
Death is a horrible thing, but each time i am reminded that part of the bible that says we don't grieve as people without hope. So i am filled with hope instead.

It's a new month, and this September, my phone, and I will say our final good byes. One of my longest relationships - that phone. It has finally given up. On thursday, I had to get me another blackberry which is called gRtFl. That's grateful in shorter letters. So i shall be mailing envirofone pretty soon.

So what's on this week? It's the iwilltellfilm festival week and today, Africa United showed.
Absolutely brilliant and Debs Paterson, the director was around for Q&As.

It was lovely and I thought t…