yesterday so painful

The most painful part of my yesterday was not the rejection.
No it was my right little finger nail that got broken that pained me most
It's one thing for someone to tell me "you can't or you are not wanted" based on petty 'comparative measures'
It is another thing for my nail to break and because I was there...
My nail got broken and it is painful.

So the Film festival is still on and I got the chance to see a short film titled "we are Rwandans" directed by Debs Paterson, the other day.
So much to learn, so much to take in. The question is "how much can you bring out to show what you have learnt"

One lesson I learnt from that short film based on a true life story is this
- embedded in the core of unity, is love that can stand the test of anything, guns, words, knives, fire. In real love, there is unity, a bond unbreakable.


TheRustGeek said…
Sounds like a lot of BS-sy HR speak there with 'comparative measures' and all, but I may be wrong, Whatever it is, here's hoping your nail heals soon.. :)
'Lara said…
Hope your nail heals sure can be painful.
flygirlbidiish said…
:) it has started healing well thank you guys

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