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mind crossing Thot 2

Here's me wishing everything made sense to me.... Ok these things made sense......
Am I failing the test?

mind crossing Thot

Funny how people believe in aliens, occultic powers, angels, demons, strange encounters, supernatural occurences but don't believe God.

Pitta rant'a'

Summer holidays are round the corner, this year, so far has been different in many ways. Finally I will be spending the holidays in different many ways as well....

London town was warm for a few days, so it has been bare bodies and green far this year I have at different times gone out of my comfort zone, made friends, even gone to new places, met quality time wasters as well. The best part is I have learnt and i am still learning and learning a lot from the Bible too. 

Cooking........I have learnt to cook food lmao! One day (a couple of years ago I loved to be driven till I had no one to actually drive me about- the convenient thing I did was learn to drive). That's how it has been with cooking. I started with the stuff I eat, so far it has been ok. Just don't expect too much cooking from me, I work on moods plus I still don't 'enjoy it' in that sense... and if u are thinking 'i am sorry for this babe, don't waste time' I love eating cereal an…

I guess I am just...

Acting kindly is a decision one decides to take. I simply think people should ensure they are smart when others I kind to them. Lol others like me :). I read between, between under, between over the lines. I read meaning into everything and then again that is just me.

I believe when someone is kind to me I should not in anyway inconvenience the person and especially by bugging. I tend to remember my gestures therefore I don't need external reminders. I believe have offered the kind gesture hence I owe myself the duty to ensure I recall it and make I carry out whatever it is I ought to carry out. I find it irritating when people begin to wary my phone with unamazing calls, which i don't pick *shrug*. The calls make me wonder why i bother, then i am reminded about galatians 6:9 in the bible which requires one never to grow wary of doing good..... There is a huge difference between persistence and pestering, I don't enjoy being pestered, although I'd rather say it has help…

Friday the good day

I've been learning a lot about Grace
........there much more and much more Grace thanwe can imagine
it is sometimes enough for us humans year in year out to perform the rituals
and routines sacrificially.........not taking time to ponder and understand.
We ought not to take delight in physical display but in true spiritual believing;
Not in walking about with wooden crosses and thorny crowns.....
In view of all the rituals and routines, I hope someone took time to gaze on the risen Christ
the Glorified and Grace-ful Christ with so much love, His blessings have made us rich without
adding any sorrow
let Good Friday be full of thanksgiving moments, rejoicing that no more are we weighed down
by the weight of sin, He has called his own
*greater love has caused that he lay His life for his friends, His people* 

******it is a relationship He has with us not a religion we have with Him******

been a year now

it has been a year now
doubt his family has moved on
moving on is a hard thing to do
no matter what they say
and his friends.........
The few I know haven't really
it is always different when you know
you won't be hearing the person say 'hi'
it has been a year now
for some it doesn't feel so long

For myself

tears for myself
I let them fall out
Sad for myself
Is that the way out?
A push for myself 
I need to get out
Weary is myself 
From finding no way out
Out of this ...
Depending on myself
has left me further cheerless

Pray, Lord
I surrender myself
Pull me out of these dumps
#nowplaying Lost - Coldplay

once upon a tenth of...

this day, a couple of years ago
our friend was born
he has passed, 6years out of this world
with a little part of each of us
that hole, he only fills
i'll hold on always
because we miss him this much
rest now dear dear,
we can't forget you so soon