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i'm as angry as a bull in a ring!!!!.......

i'm officially soooooo angry ....... i'm smokey! everything i had typed earlier jus went off like that!!! really pissin!!!!!!!

"A pesky planetary influence suggests that you might be put on the spot today, despite your efforts to remain uninvolved with someone else’s problems. You’ll be radiating sensitivity, which is why you’re likely to attract this person. Be guided by your instincts on this one!"

my horoscope for today!

so i'm in a spot!!!!!!!!!yes i am pissed off at the top up!!!! very pissed.............when a gift is given the best way to show appreciation is by sayin 'thanks you' and just that........its an unwritten basic rule in the in life's hand out!!!!! u don't giv back to show appreciation or how oh! so! grateful u assume u are!!!!!
i'm not being an ingrate neither i'm i lackin euk!!!!!i giv a gift; u say 'thank u!' full stop! the end is well!
some people seem to........aaaaagh!!!!! i'm puffin!!!!!
and NO!!!!! i don'…

fAshIOnIStA!!!!!! one

m wearin u r lol!!!!! ok call me backwards but i jus watched the Devil wears Prada on wednesday night!!!! yeah!! whateverrrrr *rolling my 'r' like the french do!

well i watched it at the most timely time :-)!!!! because we really need ideas on what style, type,....dress to wear

ooo but them dresses oops!expensive imagine me telling my grandpa we all(9 girls) want designer dresses that will cost about 300pounds and then we'll hav to hav sandals that match and clutches that go.then the bangles,necklaces,rings, hairstyles and all that will be used like oh me gosh!!!!
ok!!! wake me up; i'm wishfully thinking again lol!!!!!! trust my good old grampa to wear his stuff that has been carefully folded into his closet pull out his shoes n he's ready in 15mins jus that or even less
while the pile of girls(he has more girls) are dilly-dallyin in powder n hairsprays(i totally loved that movie) n the likes lol!!!!!

been checkin the available sites for the available items, its more bo…

one bored day at work

today i'm havin an exceptionally bored day at work coupled with the fact that i hav been talkin to Ivan - luke's imaginary friend in "if you could see now" by Cecelia Ahern ..... the author of "Ps i love you"..................freaky!
lol!!! i'm jus kiddin
i'm soooooo bored i'm thinkin i'm seein things n hearing things :-(!
oo the leech talks aloud to herself .....who knows the leech prob sees olivia lol!!!!
told the leech the stuff yestaday tho i left out some stuff
so officially the leech is off,sadly we don't get to talk about the leech anymore
bo-ho-bo-ho no one to taunt n bully one this spot lol!!!!!!
double dee is such an ingrate!!!!!!!!!!!! someone's not gettin help from me anymore it seems
oh! dear why can't i jus call in ill one day n then ask my friend to take me out for the day **wishful thinking
some silly bad lady driver hit my front bumper this mornin. it was no big deal cept she's a bad driver!!!
read a stupid; really stu…

about other things and the academy awards!

this mornin came up with a conclusion......btw i'm not surprised capricorn people suffer from repression or some other chronic form of depression..........they think too much!way too much, which sadly includes me!
................well back to my conclusion.............i will tell the leech

"i am not ur friend, kindly never refer to me as ur friend......the last tym i checked normal people didn't hav mad people as friends or did i hear u wrong when u said i was mad 3tyms or there about, i will rather b refered to as "that girl" kindly keep ur distance as i don't want a situation whereby i say things i don't mean and then hav to suffer to take back my words after and also i don't like usin unnecessary and uncalled for words
spent my last nite watchin the academy awards.......the oscars!!!!! i loved everything totally gav me an idea for a designer/model/style journalist awards nyte. speakin of that i would love it if i'm called to b a presenter at the …

why did the leech comeback!?!

ok its me again the melancholic IT girl who blogs on this page!!!! case......
spent my morning reading extensively on;
yoga - which i hav decided notto take up anymoremy star n all wots associated with it - which i hav thanked God forbeing a melancholic - ha ha! so other people could come up with theories and classify human beings n the likesi decided against yoga becos i 'feel' it would b again my own religious belief and me.....myself..... don't get me wrong - i like indians, i like the hindu culture i like their wedding ceremonies also and i'll like to go to india n attend one too but we all hav our "circles".....inner circles and as such i won't b a yoga person instead i will create my own methods of exercising and mediating on the word of God the bible together.........paul wrote that physical exercise profits the body a little alsoI learnt about my star being me being a capricorn this morning. I really enjoyed readin about the character…

the beautiful ones are not yet born but some beautiful ones are dying........

Image a call from my sister's boyfriend's dad that his (the dad) aunt passed away tonyte..............
when i called my mom to tell her she asked me "why"..........i don't hav so many answers!i'm just a young growin girl
..........................she was a beautiful woman, i went to her place on the last saturday in the month of January to see her. Just a visit, and also to give a gift,she looked hail and hearty, still full of life n energy she was. we talked about my brother, about my little sister, about my older sister, about my grandpa, about my grandma, about her older brother(my sister's boyfriend's grandpa), about my mom, about my dad, about our country, about the holidays, about her daughters, about her grand kids, about my going back to london, about life.

got my title from a book Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born written by a Ghanian author Ayi Kwei Armah tho the book is centred on the corruption 'rot' that characterized post-indep…

when some things jus happen.....

this mornin while lookin thru the news on the msn homepage i read about the guy who walks into an ongoin class in NIU America,stands on the stage n starts shootin in the direction of the students
how rather sad is the fact that 5 students are dead n two are in critical condition......eventually the guy also ends his life............. rather sad for the guy that he looked around n thot 'i'm not worth bein alive!! no one wants me around, i'll rather b dead.......mayb take some down with me so i can b remembered'
treurig!!!! the gun man will only be always remembered as gunman n his name never worthy of bein mentioned
at times we all wonder how some things happen?
who really allows these things to happen?.................and ask all sorts of questions
most of these questions bein rhetorical as there are jus not answers..............non at all whether in the mountains or valleys or the oceans!!!
look at the african countries!!!!! people go months without eatin tangible stuff or …

trustin n not trustin, then again trustin a lil!

"A need for perfection and setting almost impossibly high standards will make the day a lot harder than it needs to be. Whether you’re at school, work, or going on a date you can afford to loosen up a little and allow for some flexibility. Stop fretting about what-ifs and enjoy what the day has to offer!"
my horoscope for today

so my friend asks me if i'm wearin a spot of red today
naaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! i'm wearin black, pink n purple.............. no red any thing
its valentine's day around the world today..........the uk, america, japan, south africa, nigeria etc
well in brazil its celebrated on june 12......a day before saint anthony's day.........this allows me not to b bothered or act all mush-ed-up-y!!!!

well valentine's day is named after two among the numerous Early Christian martyrs named Valentine.The day has come to be associated with a generic platonic greeting of "Happy Valentine's Day." and as a joke, Valentine's Day is also referre…

i won't miss the green chair!!!!!!.......4 letters spell daft!

aaagh!!! i could scream this out loud if i really could scream n if i could scream out at work!!!!!

i won't miss the green chair....................the really hard plastic green chair..............the really hard plastic green chair i hav to sit on everyday at work!!!!!...................the really hard uncormfortable plastic green chair i hav to sit on everyday at work!!!!!

lol!!!!! i could keep typin silly stuff on that then sit back read n laff

all the same i won't miss the miserable green chair for any reason n thats why i'll hav to put this down ......yada!...... to remember to forget the green chair!!!!

here i am again with some stuff on my mind includin......................"daft" the adjective whose definition includes:

not sensible: obviously silly or unreasonable

i think the termite has been actin unreasonable n silly................!!!!!! its rather sad for the termite

i say!!!!!!! wake up termy act ur age!!!!! n turn off that blasted lousy ala…

the right to b silent......yada!!!! could b held......

gosh! i spent my yestaday in traffic with quite an impatient person,

some what impatient euk!!!!!!

n he has all sorts of theories about women

the guy needs a break in finland or some far away mega-ly cold place

so his brain gets freezed n a little frost bitten ol!!!! thats my wide wild imagination actin!!!!

any ways a little miffed about havin to b in the same car with him n him really actin lousy

so i kinda kept quiet for the rest of our car journey n smiled tho i was forced to drop one liners but twasn't so frequent

...............theories like; women don't really like air conditioning................wot does that mean!!!!!

or women don't like to allow people in front of them in traffic, forcefully i (ok not forcefully in the sense of forcefully) thot about me am i patient? is keepin quiet part of bein patient? is there anything like being overly-patient?

wikipedia defines patience as the ability to endure waiting, delay, or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset, or to p…

anger!!!! a word that's a letter short of danger

angry ......thats what the leech made me yesterday

crocodile tears...... was what the leech shed after callin me "mad"

lacking in the funny sense referred to as common!!!!!the leech pissed me off big tym

regret.........was wot the leech said she has, stayin at my place

the girl........was wot the leech called me when she called her jus equally ..... friend n shed the croc tears on the phone

sorry..........was the first word the leech used to ask me for my bathing soap like thats my name

slap me................was wot the leech said at some point in her tym of sheddin(the tears) happily i'm a really calm person now n i don't engage in voilence or exchange of words so i let her abuse n curse

hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! wot i'll b doin when the leech forcefully swallows those words

sadly they will stay in her throat as big hefty lump anyway

people express there anger in different ways,makes the world interestin tho in addition to the shapes colours n s…

jus'one day i had nothin to rant n no picture to put up

yup was goin to talk about something else n decided to leave that something else for another post/tym ver. so really i hav nothing to rant about
its quite hot n i'm quite bored at work!!!!!!!!
it was really really hot all thru the nite i really couldn't sleep n to make matters worse the temperature had its effect on my tummy this mornin
twas really annoyin
and then again i'm at work heavily heavily bored with like nothin new n interestin today save for the pictures i am lookin at on facebook but then again i can't b caught doin that at the office
.....................ok i jus got an offer yea!!!!! and i don't know what exactly i want!!!!!
i'll break it down....................i'm a contract staff at work decide my tym but i don't get paid huge sums of money i got an offer n i'll bcom a full tym staff get good pay n never decide my tym
so those days i'm sad in the mornings n i don't feel like workin will hav to dissa…

i'm jus one helluva sad clown!!!! :-(!!!!

yup sad sad sad sad sad!!!! sad, weary, forlon jus tired i don't not happy not feelin too good
plain and simply sad!!!!
i'm seriously dumpin my nu boyfriend...........SERIOUSLY!!!! y oh! why!! do i start stuff leg first n not head first anyways he's gone ooo by the way i had a good weekend minus the part where the my club drew n is now second on the chart n my 2nd best footie country lost n now are out of the championship
the leech came back on friday n i told her never to lie if she knew wot was good for her {LOL!!! didn't actually say the last part) n she was like "ooooo i didn't lie i really travelled u can ask my mom" psh!!!!! y should i? i'm i ur mom's friend (i asked that) LOSER!!!!!!!!!
n the termite oh! the termite!!! she's really strivin hard bien (africaans: very) hard to get into my bad book!!!! poor thing if only she knew that would b a wrong move lol!!!!(btw i made up my mind not to let her get into my car again!) no more car trips …