jus'one day i had nothin to rant n no picture to put up

yup was goin to talk about something else n decided to leave that something else for another post/tym ver. so really i hav nothing to rant about
its quite hot n i'm quite bored at work!!!!!!!!
it was really really hot all thru the nite i really couldn't sleep n to make matters worse the temperature had its effect on my tummy this mornin
twas really annoyin
and then again i'm at work heavily heavily bored with like nothin new n interestin today save for the pictures i am lookin at on facebook but then again i can't b caught doin that at the office
.....................ok i jus got an offer yea!!!!! and i don't know what exactly i want!!!!!
i'll break it down....................i'm a contract staff at work decide my tym but i don't get paid huge sums of money
......................now i got an offer n i'll bcom a full tym staff get good pay n never decide my tym
so those days i'm sad in the mornings n i don't feel like workin will hav to dissappear till may................wen i get back to my other town
so its not a bad idea i think i can cope till then ooo heck can i!!!!????!!!!
i want to freelance in a mag!!!! ok esty tweaked the almost dead idea in me. he said so las nyte while we were chattin cos i told him that i did the same thing i hav done for the last 3 tuesdays..............which is read a mag!!!!
so i want to write for a mag.................my thots about guys n then the guys who read the mag send me letters teachin me about wot guys really are
btw.......................i'm droppin the dude not esty but my bf................psst!!!...............boring
i'm in need for spontineity{don't think thats spelt ryte tho} i need fast stuff that spin me around still keepin me firmly on the ground n in too much fun
*****snap me out of my day dream!!!!
so once i stop typin my rant n i publish it i wil resume to my borin life again
oh! schucks its gatvol!!!!!!!...........................thats a south african comedy.....................aikona!!! its very funny!!!!!
so me n esty................strictly a crush n a friend..................i noticed that wen they become or try to become more than that i kind of discard them like i do my clothes lol!!!!!!! which got me thinkin earlier in the day that i hav to specially write my weddin vows n include...............i know i hav broken so many hearts{i wish lol!!!} some of which are here now lol!!!!
.................back to me n esty we hav been like talkin yea!!!! which i like i mean i totally never liked the dude in college for simply starin but then geez i judged to hastily i didn't even know the dude
so yea we hav been talkin n that pwetty much fun he could b my new good good friend u knw
speakin of good good friends kuzco was meant to come over or me go over but we h avn' seen in like weeks ooooo
i need to tell him about my borin life gettin a little bit more borin n other things as well
well well well if it isn't the leech n the termite....................y in the world would u think i was goin to drop the wusses jus yet anyways!! the leech has made it a point of duty to convince my sorry arse{at this borin point of my life its sorry}that leech really travelled wot a shame
i jus wonder how it is that one makes a long distance journey in an aircraft to a place where the person don't reside n all u travel wit is a nylon bag LOL!!!!!!!! spare me!!!!!!! like wow i mean spare me!!!!
i wonder wot the termite has been hearin ooo cos it seems that the termite is replyin my greetin
hahahahaha!!!!!! i laff in zulu well wot everrrrrr!!!!! i don't want the termite in my..... thats my new song
ooooooooo yestaday was bogof cardboard pizza so the termite must hav thot i hav the pizza lol!!!! i jus didn' t giv that a thot since i knew esty won't b there n i'm somewot broke at the moment..................don't wonder y either!!!!! lol!!! so no bogof cardboard pizza instead i had somethin much more sweeter healthier n better .............native food from my friend's town its was really NICE!!!!!!!

oo before i quit typin typin{its cool wen i say stuff twice just becos becos} my bf called borin!!!!
off to my usually for the year.....................tryin to act busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said…
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