anger!!!! a word that's a letter short of danger

angry ......thats what the leech made me yesterday

crocodile tears...... was what the leech shed after callin me "mad"

lacking in the funny sense referred to as common!!!!!the leech pissed me off big tym

regret.........was wot the leech said she has, stayin at my place

the girl........was wot the leech called me when she called her jus equally ..... friend n shed the croc tears on the phone

sorry..........was the first word the leech used to ask me for my bathing soap like thats my name

slap me................was wot the leech said at some point in her tym of sheddin(the tears) happily i'm a really calm person now n i don't engage in voilence or exchange of words so i let her abuse n curse

hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! wot i'll b doin when the leech forcefully swallows those words

sadly they will stay in her throat as big hefty lump anyway

people express there anger in different ways,makes the world interestin tho in addition to the shapes colours n sizes of these people............


don't sin by letting anger gain control over you,don't let the sun go down while u are stil angry....

the bible says that eph4:26!!!!

bein there dunnit i'll say now i hav moved on and like andy warhol i say everyday is a new day because i don't remember the day before........

so when i moved into the next day i simply push out the irrelevancies from the previous n smile

just becos.........wotever made me angry won't hav another chance to do it again!!!!!

a gentle answer turns away wrath but when u raise ur voice!!!!!! then anger sets

i hav also learned never to raise my voice keep it simple n short never prolong stuff

thats why i decided let the leech know i don't fight,its a waste of my tym!!!!!!!! n i also don't abuse or curse becos i know that we mean the words we say, n when we fumble we hav to chew n swallow our words n Lord knows i don't want to suffer from swallowin those words lol!!!!!!!!!!

poor poor poor leech never one to sit back n reflect jus thinks life should be goin out n parties gossipin n talkin thrash n boys

a lesson she shall learn n laff i shall do!!!!!!............thats how master yoda would hav said it lol!!!!

saw esty yesterday ooooooo that also cooled me, n the music tooo was soothing thank God for the things he has set in place still to help n guide us,its so funny we jus think that somethings jus ought to b n not consider the "behind" of those is one of them

so me n my homegirl took a lousy trip..........lousy cos we missed the way again n didn't meet who we went to see

then esty also,spoke to him last nyte still, he asked when he'll see me again lol!!!!!

here's some guy sayin he was flirtin with a married woman when i told him i had a bf then again he was like he has to see only me cos he wanted to whisper stuff in my ear imagin that!!!!!!

guys guys guys!!!!! he's a this n not a that,which is funny n makes him interestin to talk to

my club lost their match yesterday sad cos twas to a supposed smaller club n all.well i say this season the smaller club has been playin well.

watched the final match of the Cup of African Nation Fed. egpyt-cameroon. due to an unexplainable error by song a cameroonian defender egpyt scored a goal n thus won the match won the gold medal n won the cup lol!!!!!! twas sad for them cameroonians tho


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