when some things jus happen.....

this mornin while lookin thru the news on the msn homepage i read about the guy who walks into an ongoin class in NIU America,stands on the stage n starts shootin in the direction of the students
how rather sad is the fact that 5 students are dead n two are in critical condition......eventually the guy also ends his life............. rather sad for the guy that he looked around n thot 'i'm not worth bein alive!! no one wants me around, i'll rather b dead.......mayb take some down with me so i can b remembered'
treurig!!!! the gun man will only be always remembered as gunman n his name never worthy of bein mentioned
at times we all wonder how some things happen?
who really allows these things to happen?.................and ask all sorts of questions
most of these questions bein rhetorical as there are jus not answers..............non at all whether in the mountains or valleys or the oceans!!!
look at the african countries!!!!! people go months without eatin tangible stuff or eatin stuff our pets would abhorr still many of them look ahead cos deep down within them they know that as long as there is life there is a tiny weeny bit of hope and that keeps them goin
look at the asian countries!!!! wars fights killings stifes hunger!!!! still they never give up on their hope!!!!!

when some things just happen......... we have to hope......
real hope is on things we cannot see at present!!!!!!


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