i'm as angry as a bull in a ring!!!!.......

i'm officially soooooo angry ....... i'm smokey! everything i had typed earlier jus went off like that!!! really pissin!!!!!!!

"A pesky planetary influence suggests that you might be put on the spot today, despite your efforts to remain uninvolved with someone else’s problems. You’ll be radiating sensitivity, which is why you’re likely to attract this person. Be guided by your instincts on this one!"

my horoscope for today!

so i'm in a spot!!!!!!!!!yes i am pissed off at the top up!!!! very pissed.............when a gift is given the best way to show appreciation is by sayin 'thanks you' and just that........its an unwritten basic rule in the in life's hand out!!!!! u don't giv back to show appreciation or how oh! so! grateful u assume u are!!!!!
i'm not being an ingrate neither i'm i lackin euk!!!!!i giv a gift; u say 'thank u!' full stop! the end is well!
some people seem to........aaaaagh!!!!! i'm puffin!!!!!
and NO!!!!! i don't INTEND to carry anyother person's problems on my shoulders.................too skinny for that lol!!!!! but really!!! and the only sensitivity i feel ryte now is towards the top up number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i had fun at the beach hoolabaloo on sunday afternoon, i met friendly people and i met stuck up people.....good thing is i could count the number of stuck-ups on one hand lol!!!! ther was;
  1. the chewing gum guy........he tried his best to get stuck to the girls but his moves were jus not rite......apparently i know him from a past life{we met a couple of years back) but he didn't remember that thankfully
  2. 'the wannabe fresh but can't be fresh' 3 ashleys......aka the stuck-ups......we don't know how they got on our group.........but they were way too cold n grumpy to b in.....lol!!!euk!! really we didn't like them becos they didn't like us first!
  3. the 'hairdid' guy.........it was the frenzic hair!!! it was somethin btw!......he was a cool dude too......he was one of the guys who brought the 3ashleys!! OOPS!!
  4. the fly guys......oooo!!!!! they were 13 in number.totally fly n cool to hang out with.........as to being able to hold conversations, they were good
  5. the rest of us that made up the group were major major fun!!!!!!!!i'm guessin we were about 50 who went to the beach

twas some huge adventure tho.......cos a couple of us didn't hav on life jackets n all some naval guys or prob jus water police officers with rusty M16 rifles sent us back so the boat guy dropd us off at the nearest village on the island n all so we had to wade thru to get to the beach lol!!!! but we made it to and made it fro in one "pieces" each!!!! lol!!!!

met double dee in the house wen i got back n i said hi n asked if her trip was good and she said yes!!! she over heard me speakin to esty or so n she asked if we had gone to the beach n i said yes.....and she asked if we had fun and i said yes......well i hav no grudge against her i'm just GROUCHO!!! lol!!!! she's invited to the next one if she doesn't hav lead in her mouh two weeks to it!!! ok i'm being serious!!!!:-)!

'no space for the leech in the almy!' jus had to say that cos the leech woke early n i thot i was goin to hav to say that n all but when i got down i jus wen off like that......no need to talk!!!!i'm so used to this if i hav to say a word i'ld feel i hav pins stickin out of the hard palette of my mouth!!!!!!

spent the rest of the evenin watchin star wars episode 3 with my dad. couldn't watch the interns {grey's anatomy} tho they are doctors now with their own interns below them!!!bcos of the rain!!!!! the wind interfered with the signal of the satellite annoyin i must say


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