fAshIOnIStA!!!!!! one

m wearin u r lol!!!!! ok call me backwards but i jus watched the Devil wears Prada on wednesday night!!!! yeah!! whateverrrrr *rolling my 'r' like the french do!

well i watched it at the most timely time :-)!!!! because we really need ideas on what style, type,....dress to wear

ooo but them dresses oops!expensive imagine me telling my grandpa we all(9 girls) want designer dresses that will cost about 300pounds and then we'll hav to hav sandals that match and clutches that go.then the bangles,necklaces,rings, hairstyles and all that will be used like oh me gosh!!!!
ok!!! wake me up; i'm wishfully thinking again lol!!!!!! trust my good old grampa to wear his stuff that has been carefully folded into his closet pull out his shoes n he's ready in 15mins jus that or even less
while the pile of girls(he has more girls) are dilly-dallyin in powder n hairsprays(i totally loved that movie) n the likes lol!!!!!

been checkin the available sites for the available items, its more boring than actually going to the shops............ i totally do not like shoppin of any sort ok save for shoppin for food!!!!!

shoppin is a rather borin task that people jus seem to luv n when i say i love it less they think i'm not totally ok.......!!!!!!!

ok scenerio one .......u start ur day standin at the entrance into the marble arch station on oxford street say 9:30am u cross the road......btw ur early cos the first port of call is primark n u don't want to meet the longer queues(since the really jobless ones hav queued there 30mins before the shop even opened)...less i forget u had cereal for breakfast n a bottle of water in ur tote fear of faintin in the cos of the long walk ahead of u...............seriously one can faint from the walk n the queuein and the all wot nots)..................ok u browse the whole of downstairs then finally climb up u'v picked a couple of stuff (under 10bucks by the way lol!!!!) n then u walk to the guys' section hopin their won't b queues at the tills on that section aagh!!!!! never!!!! even the guys are queuein u take a look at ur watch omg! its 10:15am.....u spent 45minutes browsin n pickin another 10min on the queue(its mornin so the isnt so long) almost n hour u cross the road,cross back again, u dash in n dash out of the shops H&M,moonsoon,faith,next,barrats........even boots n seriously u hav no ointments or medicines to buy.........u keep walkin n snap ur tummy makes noise thank Goodness for the good bargains n rack x-rays(u thoroughly searched the racks) do i see a starbucks insight oo halelujah!!! u enter the starbucks n slam!!!! in ur face the queue........btw nowhere to seat......oh snap!!! ......................finally ur tummy is well serviced n ur ready to keep walking......u've walked n walked n walked past oxford circus,looked at n disregarded,tried on n tried off stuff, guess wot ur standin in front of H&M on tottenham court road WHOT!!!!!! n its 7:30 pm WHOT!!!!!! ur hungry again n its dark n ur seriously thinkin about returnin something u picked up on the way cos u saw a better bargain......................finally u say thanks to ur oyster get on a bus n ur startin ur journey back home thinkin tomorow i'll return this n that n then head on to high street kenssington!!!! ppssssstt!! isn't that borin or wot.....blasted the day on queues n people hittin u left,right,front,back on the street,people blowin smoke into ur ears, avoidin saliva spat on the hard concrete slabs etc

.................i'll giv my scenerio two and three later.............i havn't finished my stuff for today at work, i didn't want to show up this mornin n i spnt the mornin thinkin up excuses i could make up to leave the office as early as early then some public transport bus guy n a police officer dopey woman annoyed me blah de blah......... i showed up eventually n i'm paid to work so i'm off to tidy up stuff ..................its the weekend!!!! ;-)!!!! i'm one happy girlie!!


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