trustin n not trustin, then again trustin a lil!

"A need for perfection and setting almost impossibly high standards will make the day a lot harder than it needs to be. Whether you’re at school, work, or going on a date you can afford to loosen up a little and allow for some flexibility. Stop fretting about what-ifs and enjoy what the day has to offer!"
my horoscope for today

so my friend asks me if i'm wearin a spot of red today
naaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! i'm wearin black, pink n purple.............. no red any thing
its valentine's day around the world today..........the uk, america, japan, south africa, nigeria etc
well in brazil its celebrated on june 12......a day before saint anthony's day.........this allows me not to b bothered or act all mush-ed-up-y!!!!

well valentine's day is named after two among the numerous Early Christian martyrs named Valentine.The day has come to be associated with a generic platonic greeting of "Happy Valentine's Day." and as a joke, Valentine's Day is also referred to as "Singles Awareness Day

lol!!!!! tell all the guys ur single, and the ones that like u wow u then tomorrow .............. everything's back to the usual now thats fun

i wonder how come.................i simply love to live the life of a "fab" single young girl!!!! [no matter wot] sometimes flirty, sometimes serious, never trusting always smilin, fun and more fun lovin, no tied down feelin, a little naughty.......hmmm!!!!....... nelly furtado........promiscuous a bit..............

me:Am i throwin' you off or something?
ok the guy......may b..... new catch:Nope
me: Didn’t really think so
n.c: How you doin’ young lady? The looks that you're giving really drives me crazy
You don’t have to play about the joke I was lost with the words first time that we spoke
me:hmm so wot are u sayin
n.c:You might be my type if I play my cards right.I'll find out soon enuff
me: You expect me to just let you hit it. Guy ur gettin sadder than u ought
n.c: All I can do is try, gimme a chance! What’s the problem I don’t see no ring on your hand
I'll be the first to admit it, I’m curious about you, you seem so innocent
me: so you wanna get in my world, guy lets take a sit for a minute
me: Roses are red Some diamonds are blue, But you're still kinda cute
n.c: Hey! I can't get my mind off you who you with,don't tell me u've got a guy someplace

me: I’m out of ur league, could consider tho take u with me to my planet! do you think that you can handle it?
n.c: They call me Thomas last name Crown Recognize my game,u can read me like a book
me: I'm a big girl I can handle myself tho I could get lonely so i'll need your help
n.c: listen to my yarns I don't talk for my health,I want you on my team
me: So does every other guy.

n.c: *bugger*
n.c: If you with it girl then I'm thinkin know a place....

me: wot kind of girl do you take me for?

n.c: awww babe don't be mad, don't get mean

me: Don't get mad, don't be mean!!
n.c: Hey! Don't be mad, don't get mean

me: Don't get mad, don't be mean

n.c: Wait! I mean no harm I can see you with my t-shirt on

me: I can see you with nothing on,feeling on me before you bring that on

n.c: Bring that on?

me: You know what I mean

n.c: shit! Girl, I’m a freak you shouldn't say those things

me: I’m only trying to get inside your brain To see if you can work me the way you say or well i think

n.c: It's okay, it's alright I got something that you gon' like

me: Hey is that the truth or are you talking trash

Is your game M.V.P. like cameroonian defender!

Trust - a relationship of reliance. we hav to trust a little to allow people do certain things for us or do certain things for other people..............we hav to trust a little before we call people friends
we jus hav to add a teeny tiny ounce of trust to let people stand by our side.................

well so far i hav enjoyed today bein silly hahahaha!!!!!! n it has been totally fun

how i wish the really annoyin guy who fixes our computers could sod off!!!!

he jus goes on n on talkin off point n pissin everyone off(apparently all of us......i jus found out today that the guys at the office also get irritated with his lousy yarns)

ooo btw way wen i was pullin out the car from the parkin lot the security guy was like happy valentine........pfffft!!!! wot does that mean!!!! :-}!!!!


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