the right to b silent......yada!!!! could b held......

gosh! i spent my yestaday in traffic with quite an impatient person,

some what impatient euk!!!!!!

n he has all sorts of theories about women

the guy needs a break in finland or some far away mega-ly cold place

so his brain gets freezed n a little frost bitten ol!!!! thats my wide wild imagination actin!!!!

any ways a little miffed about havin to b in the same car with him n him really actin lousy

so i kinda kept quiet for the rest of our car journey n smiled tho i was forced to drop one liners but twasn't so frequent

...............theories like; women don't really like air conditioning................wot does that mean!!!!!

or women don't like to allow people in front of them in traffic, forcefully i (ok not forcefully in the sense of forcefully) thot about me am i patient? is keepin quiet part of bein patient? is there anything like being overly-patient?

wikipedia defines patience as the ability to endure waiting, delay, or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset, or to persevere calmly when faced with difficulties.

perseverance n patience in other words work hand in hand

judiasm n christianity tell us thru the bible that

"A patient man is better than a warrior, and he who rules his temper, than he who takes a city." (Proverbs 16:32)

It is also stressed in Islam, that God is with those who are patient then i hav think about all the time and i guess that there is nothin like over patience then no matter where i find my self or wot situation i am in

silence also helps one b patient so u don't end up sayin the wrong words

like the common police sayin..............u have the right to remain silent, anythin u say may or will be held against u in the court of law!!!!!! u will also b read ur rights lol!!!!

about my bf i'm bein patient toooo!

spoke with esty last evenin but missed his call later in the nyte, and sadly i missed the laanites tho over the weekend i got to know that mandla's mother works as a cleaner for aggie n marko's company so he's bein lyin to alyce all these while.He's no rich boy at all unlike alyce who spent summers holidayin in different countries and knows celebrities in South Africa lol!!!!! btw xander asked felicity to plead guilty ........ i really don't want her to go to jail afterall

missed her when she went abroad, beautiful tessa went to see a psychic!!!! i don't buh-lieve the woman cos i saw pullin out infomation from hilda n charmaine

marko came back from dar-ee-salam.

silly or shld i say bolknik(silly in africaans may hav missed the spellin tho).....errol found matron's dog but caused a virus to get into mandla's computer n mr meintjes was angry

robert the guy who's really disturbin karien blackmailed her

he made her do a recordin for somethin which was a lie n when she went to warn him off or else she'll serve him a sub poena

well well well, she can't cept she comes up with a plan cos even altus didn't believe her when she told him about the passes he made on her till danny said to altus that robert could b a flirt

apparently robert works for notnangle........ or so ......the firm xander also works in

by the way i knew the new guy at the gym likes san-mari oops this is really 'orrible for good ol'diedrik and i really think jan-hiedrik n helena will make a cute couple.........helena had to stall the openin of her gallery cos her artis dropped out at the last minute

jan went ahead to tell christelle his sister abroad about the gallery n she said she's send some paintings tho helena acted proud when she knew

a party was thrown for marko i do hope felicity n venessa make up

i'm lovin these blogspots canuvworms and

and also lovin "the naija boy" by eldee,Del and TKO its a nigerian song

and promiscus girl by nelly Furtado

checked my horoscope for yesterday i was told i was dithery................... i like the word n when i checked its meanin i sure was at some point

btw i'm happy i say stuff i!!!!! Voet by stuk hou!!!!


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