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not rhyming with words

a story to tell
I have to share well
this day 34 years ago...
because i can't think of new words
I'd say it plain, it's my birthday again
and Lord knows I am a thankful soul
Thankful for laughter, love, happiness, joy, sad moments and all moments
for family, family, friends and family
I have learnt so many things in the past year
I have grown up and officially become an adult
I have had to met people who talk different from me
and somehow, I have developed a new habit of simply not speaking
I have met people who have taught me to live in ways unknown to them
I have travelled, traveling has been a blessing for which I am grateful
*deeply inhales, then lets out the air*
This new year I am making changes
This year I am taking up different styles
 but first, Happy Birthday to me