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This morning, the first Bible verse I read was 1 Peter 5:7. I still had tiny bit of worry in me.

Went off about my day's business...worry abit worry develops wings and flies...but comes back several times.

I had to take a mini (well traffic no gree make im mini) journey during the day... still abit of worrying tho
about "my issues" and I saw a guy covered with warts one of my buses...head, face, hands.
"Can my worrying help me positively in anyway?" My Thots
I said a prayer or two
Healing for the guy
Help for my issues

Moved on, came across a london freak speaking to himself
"Lord have mercy" My Thots

Then this night on the bus home...just needing my bed as it drizzles... I see a lady, her head resting on the bus window, half asleep I remember that verse.

Dear Lord,I get so preoccupied with myself often times. There I go thinking about me me me. Help me learn to look away from me more times and seek to intercede for others