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living warped but living still 2

It's the last day of 2015, it's been real!!!
365 days of mistakes, shortcomings, laughter, smiles, playfulness,journeys, walks, friends, dancing, new places, many many things Thankful for grace to be alive despite it all
Made new friends, still have amazing friends and will be getting rid of unfriendly friends in 2016
My friend and I had a bit of a row at some point in November... I felt like a complete eejit. I am thankful we've walked... talked... over it... Irreplaceable friends are hard to find.
I learned a lot, my first fully illustrated children's book comes out in the first half of 2016, I am thankful for some team ups I am involved with, soooo thankful. The last quarter of the year was the best for me, can't trade mine with anyone's
I got a MacBook Pro, for me a huge errrr highlight, and then I got to meet amazing people in Ghana! Twas an experience I still relive. Thank God for videos
So this new year, I am outspoken Goal #2. This year I will speak out too

living warped but living still 1

So I have totally had all sorts of posts in my headed i was planning to rant about
after all this while, I didn't do my annual October 14 post, or my birthday post or even wish y'all a Merry Christmas...
however, the one thing that has caused these rants is
- planning for the year 2016

Sometimes i feel like i am in that garbage compactor in Star Wars Episode IV and all the walls are closing in on me...
Finally i am taking a stand and going to do something about it!

No i don't feel like i am in that scene because I recently watched the New Star Wars Episode, which in my opinion had NO.... NO plot!
JJ Abrahams thank you for attempting to ruin Star Wars for me... I commend the efforts tho, amazing shots, especially the last scene where the girl meets Luke but story naa

Hormonal Imbalance!!
I have had this issue for a bit and i didn't want speak to anyone about it. I was going to speak to my GP in May and then i didn't.
TBH, i have really let it affect me in a not so g…

Sunday's mistake

The National Theatre is famous for being built during the military era of Nigeria and for looking like the cap of an officer. It is famous for other things but in recent years it had shared its compound with over grown large lawns and expensive food sellers… and that is how I found myself heading there to see a play, A Nigerian classic, a Prof Femi Osofisan play – Altine’s Wrath. This was done by a production company called Thespian Family Theatre and Productions.
Having grown up with a bit of the University of Ibadan in me I felt I had to see it.
Got there early, good sits are very important, I think I am the only one who shares this thought tho. The 2pm show didn’t start till 2:55pm or so. If I wasn’t paying money and time to see this show I won’t be irritated, but it turned out I had paid money and time to see the show!
We entered the theatre only to be told rudely about sitting and not recording the show, RME. Apologies are not in the vocabulary of the rude speaker.
The opening scene …

Ama- the girl born on Saturday

I loved my adventure in Ghana. I am on a mission to create unusual experiences for  myself...
Pardon my manners. Hello Blogville, it has been more than a minute. As usual, it has been that I was sort of lacking the "drive to type"
So I talked about going on journey earlier in the year, however it didn't seem like twas going to happen. Then I considered changing the country option and then.... Ghana.
And off I went to try out something new. My friend was a super amazing host, ensuring I was comfortable all the time. 
Part of day one had me looking - yes o - looking for a hotel when I got in to Accra. Then I got the shock!!! 
Telling a cabbie the street name will get you absolutely no where... This is an issue, imo
I stayed at the Central Hotel Osu. It was a simple budget hotel and the staff was nice and friendly. Friendly I say cos this isn't particularly usual. Walked down Oxford street Osu. Yes they do have Oxford street, yes it is lined with shopping, no there is no Topshop…

Five of my 5 a day

This is the first time I am actually eating 5 fruits in a day!!!!
I just feel happy about it. I am not a farmer, so sometimes I only have access to a certain number of fruits or even the number of fruits daily.
Anyhoo, today, in no particular order (said in Davina's voice) I have eaten An orange An avocado, my superfood A banana An apple A pineapple 
And so to bed, I will lie down a happy fellow!!
Good night

bored but why

Nature has been kind, Lagos hasn't been hot...

I am bored... I wondered why till now.
I am meant to be working on two projects with 3 amazing people. I am excited about them, scratch that I am super excited.
Work is sooooooo busy, I may have no time to think or do me but I have been bored...

Anyone ever felt like running away? I mean running away for good stuff...

ok I rephrase. I will like to run away to err Brazil, teach Art or Maths or English... Learn Portuguese
just a bit of out of the ordinary excitement and holidays....

I can do mission work :)

have a great day people, my cute ramblings are over
💋 xoxo flygirl

Ps: Engaged friends are so cute
hello stranger,
why do you want to bite
much more than you can chew?
why do you want to pick up hot coals
with your bare hands,
forgetting they burn?
why do you want to ruin today
by not considering tomorrow?
why give in to pleasures that are fleeting,
soiling moments that could have been great

no stranger, you are not allowed. I'd flee

31 Days of Happiness day 28 to 31

it has been real...

July has ended, August is here. Can't stop the days from turning to nights and the nights from becoming days.
It does feel a bit too fast when I dwell on it.

I have had a pretty much busy schedule in the couple of days still I am thankful for a jobs and turning ideas into real stuff. I have had to work on a fairly big campaign I am really proud of. I was in a meeting a couple of days ago and I caught myself using what I refer to (within myself) as advertising lingo. Then i kept saying (within myself again) fancy you speaking this way.
I have loved the extra effort I had to make by ensuring I was happy... Consciously at first and it just carried on...
I am carrying it on. I am going on with being happy

journey to being a wholesomely better person has started. I am taking up 3 major projects, with help of cos. I know it will be tiresome at some point it will also be good. I see the good so I am really looking forward. Humans, imo were not created to retire.

it h…

31 Days of Happiness day 19-27morning

Today I will do well...But this morning I am sad for Bobbi K
...and then come those ponderings on this life we live a blessing or a curse!
This past week... I was so elated on Friday i thot I could burst with all the excitement. For I have been reading Jane Eyre and by all means it is messing with my speaking.
I have thrown myself all thru this week into planning a trip to where I can't disclose just yet. It will be worth it, I keep telling myself
I learnt that till one finds his or her purpose and fulfills the said purpose or works in/with it, then can the person actually live.
I have not been eating well so I took up ODing on 2 of my superfoods Garlic and Avocado, this weekend. Can't let my bodily defenses fail.
Ps. Happiness is a choice, happiness is contentment, happiness is an adventure, happiness is grounded understanding of oneself, happiness is charity, happiness is going on a journey, happiness is new things too, happiness is learning.

Ps again. I got paid for my newly a…

31 days of happiness DoH day 12-18

I didn't neglect my 31 days I have  some sort of excuses...
A quick summary tho
Sunday was an interesting one, I was glad to be alive at its end as I literally passed thru a fire...
thankfully I wasn't burnt and I didn't explode.

Monday was filled with thoughts of strategy, plotting and scheming. This day i learnt happiness is forgiveness

Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday I worked by day and worked by night
Still happiness was fulfillment. To put a smile on face of the customer...
I read the book The Fishermen by Chigozie Obioma...
I will share my thots later

Friday- road trip whoot whoot! Saturday road trip again
Happiness is a wanderlust's pilgrim... I know that sounds funny but....
I don't ever want to be cured of travelling
Enjoy the weekend people
Ps. Be happy

31 Days of Happiness day 11 the blame game

"he who wants to swim freely in the deep end doesn't hold on to the rails in the shallow end" - the flygirl

the events of a part of my day and a book I am currently reading has led to my quote above.

the summary of playing a blame game. This simply prevents one from moving forward wholeheartedly.
" you caused this, you started this you made a choice, you said this, you said that..." Just holding on to trading blames.

Another day of random occurrences, still so thankful it keeps getting better.
I am getting better.
So here's to me changing for the best, to me becoming successful and not positive growth

Ps: Happiness is also made up of wisdom
Jesus take my wheel...

31 Days of Happiness day 10 swing swing

It rained so heavily today, and by the end of the day I had a brilliant idea for a concept I am working on.I hope the idea isn't washed away by Monday...
I haven't put so much thought into day 10's post but I was thankful for the start of day 10 and now... the end too
I read earlier about twin brothers who were mixed up and lived that way for 24 years. Even I had Mixed emotions and I haven't seen them ever in my life.
I am a step closer to earning money out of one of my other skills and I am happy about that. Company registered, first customer deal about to close in.
 I learnt this phrase this morning "Skill and talent are amazing, however only discipline makes them useful"
Happiness is a mood
Ps: the title is from an All-American-rejects song
Ps again: I have a big day tomorrow, I hope it works out well...

31 Days of Happiness days 8 and 9 Can you hear the silence

can you hear the silence?

today like yesterday I laughed heartily.
gone are the 'so you have a voice and you can laugh?' questions I ask myself.

yesterday I found a place of safety. Today I stayed in my place of safety... and I can stay for as long as I want.

I read a couple of mails about the tube strike from TFL, and felt a wee bit nostalgic. Closed my eyes and thot about how filled to the door buses from Paddington would be, by the time they got to George st only 2 stops away. I opened my eyes and was thankful for my car...

Fuel in Lagos is another issue tho...
a word of advice, well, what I do. Every Saturday morning or Sunday morning, I fill up my car with fuel and if soooo necessary I take petrol jerry-can and put something in it. Saves all the drama of spending a long week day at work and a short night at a petrol station

I have done a lot thinking in these two days, I need to declutter my inner man
I need to hear the silence...

Ps: happiness is a choice

31 Days of Happiness day 6 and 7 and a couple of side hugs later

The other part of this post's title just had to beMay be I'll be brave to share later
Twould have been "may be someday, today focus" but I chose that instead... As I was heading home last night I asked myself "what was the funniest thing that happened today?" I had no answer To be honest, yesterday just passed. I was eager to cross my legs, watch something and eat well. - Day 6
In between reading an old stylist magazine edition this morning, mails and other thoughts later; 'Happiness is serendipity' popped in my mind. Then I looked up the meaning of the word, I am happy I am right...
7/7 tenth anniversary today... My heart goes out to everyone who has experienced the pain... Martine Wright came to speak at the Fast Girls pre-screening at Notting Hill Gate I volunteered at in 2012. 
I was withdrawn to myself today and yesterday as well, it hasn't stopped me from being happy... I am just praying for a good change... I'm living my life like it's go…

31 days of happiness 4 and 5

as I type, I am air drying my hair, a dead sea face mask on while I watch Makunouchi lose to Date...

a clinch.... I take a break to type well

I think a neighbor just discovered the power of loud speakers and karaoke!!! This is worse than the fat lady singing Dolly Patton!

Yesterday was goodish, I did the cold-don't-stare-at-me thing when I was at an event.
Calmed down and went off to Art twenty one gallery...
 and cooled off with good hearts I call friends. I was hoping it would rain tho, the dry weather had its perks still.

I think I shall visit Ghana, as my next west African country to visit. Till then... Happiness is contentment where I am

Today...I didn't paint instead I read and faffed a lot on IG and Pinterest.It rained... I am going to cut back more on sugar. I hardly ever take refined sugar but I take sugar in stuff that is laden with sugar, cookies, drinks from concentrate... May be tough at the start tho... I am bracing myself
A bit of 'I am happy chants' actua…

31 Day of happiness day 3

Aha! I crumbled instead during the day thankfully back up as the day ended. Lazy people trying to up nerve me. I was also happy it was Friday, honestly Friday always come with some doses of smiling regardless 
Then it rained as well....
Feels to me like there is nothing to explore in Lagos. Can we build up a little Spain in lagos community of some sort for Spanish food, laughs and lifestyle
Wireless Fest weekend...... wagging my little behind!!! So Yahoo! has the live show on its homepage. Cool or what!?
My heart goes out to Whitney's daughter, she needs a Miracle...

31 Days of happiness day 2

oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness! *that is from the original Annie

Today, struggled and pushed. The day is ending and my itouch still wouldn't come on. I was reading an old issue of stylist, needed to change locations turned it off popped it into my pocket and that was it.

I rise...
happiness is a choice

Ps. Once again, here's to avocados, superfoods and rain that boost my moods

31 days of happiness (DoH) day 1

For every time something happened yesterday that made want to do the opposites of happiness I was reminded '31 days of happiness'So I survived, and felt a bit lighter.
I didn't fume when I wasn't acknowledged for an idea I came up with... and then modified, no time for that! I didn't wallow in negative moods either. I know it will get better instead, simply because I will Focus on staying happy in the midst of anything & everything.
Like Lisa Smosarski, the editor of Stylist magazine, I stay loving avocados. Here in Lagos, I get the amazing ones, never too soft or black! First world food problems... and wait for it...they are organically inexpensive as well! Lol They are good for the stomach, face and hair (SFH). One of those super foods imo. Add them to your 5 a day, especially since they are in season. Whipped up this lettuce n avocado salad last night  I could swear it helps with developing a good sleeping pattern... using myself as an example... This isn't s…

Or so it seems

I was looking thru a couple of old posts and it seems I have been bothering on my sad spots... And I have decided to take charge and be happier no matter what!
A kind of challenge as July rolls in 31 days of happy moments...
The natural hair movement bug has hit Nigeria as well... I need to cash in but anyway I find it hilarious as well. So, a couple of days ago I was asked by an innocent looker "so how long have you been natural?" *this is where the cassette tape gets scratched* Firstly she said I like your hair. I had a couple of flat twists on my head. Shrugs,thanks, smile!
It's like asking how long someone's had a disease IMO! "so how long have you been natural?"  "so how long have you had Chlamydia?"
Or so it seems...  Smh I dunno why I see horrifying looks of pity behind the smiles, and mischievous "she doesn't know what she is missing in bone straight hair" behind the innocent question of the length of natural hair days
This is all just …

Rants from a heart so heavy

Yesterday, i went into Dominoes/cold stone creamy for the first time since I moved to lagos, well first time ever. Their service was a total -10 out of 10. I doubt if I would willingly go back. Quality of Service over Quality of ice cream 
Last month I sat by the fat lady who sang Dolly Parton Songs probably 4.15hours out of a 5hours 30mins flight, she spent about 15mins in the loo at some point and the rest of the minutes trying to get herself off the plane. For me it was an ordeal although thanks to BBC iplayer the Perfume movie kept me company and from wondering if the pilot and co-pilot were happy to fly together.
As I type my eyes are so dry from staring at my computer all day... Currently I am staring at another Apple device
Is there a cure for the heart so heavy? Don't even say laughter. For laughter seems short termed and like an analgesic it soon wears off when you most need it
Teach me the secret of happiness and I will always be grateful. Like the elephant I won't forget.…

dont miss the black star elephant

as usual something leads to something which leads me to blog...a post
Today, its Nico & Vinz
I can't believe I just caught on. NO I CAN'T BELIEVE I JUST CAUGHT ON!!
Been hearing 'am I wrong' been humming it sometimes ruining good moments by even singing
I never bothered to know the amazing talent behind the song or find out what the video looked like. I don't really like music videos, creativity is good, the barely clothed girls are my issue, so I avoid them videos.
How could I have missed them!? Something about them reminds me of Tinchy, the effortless glee in making music when you know a lot of effort, time, skill, talent etc has gone into it. Glad to say I am now a happy owner of Black Star Elephant, the first Album/Music on my 2years old itouch 4th gen.
the pod is for podcasts only but for them two I chose to break rules too.

I would enjoy painting with them two singing 🎶 in the background

What are you listening to?

this is your year

the title.... I've started this year hearing people say "this is my year" *flygirl shrug* 😊 this is your year!!!
I won't start going on about being sorry that I have neglected blogger, my blog...
I am sooooooorrrrrrryyyyyy
like a part of my life was on the low key....

I have missed it all
its February but heck, happy new year people, glad to be able to say
so quick catch up, I have turned 30, I have had a career change and prolly soon will be married

ok that's out of the way I am glad that stylist has an app
I can see halos on the heads of the person who came up with the idea, the app builder
I don't miss London so much any more.... O well Selfridges shop windows will always have a place in my ❤
soapy! I know

glad to be able to read the out spoken Lucy Mangan

shortlist do something tho
added to my mag rack is a wedding magazine Lord knows I have learnt nothing....
Esty on the other hand has been A*
Glad to be in the days of the internet...
in a meeting ... …