31 days of happiness (DoH) day 1

For every time something happened yesterday that made want to do the opposites of happiness I was reminded '31 days of happiness'
So I survived, and felt a bit lighter.

I didn't fume when I wasn't acknowledged for an idea I came up with... and then modified, no time for that! I didn't wallow in negative moods either.
I know it will get better instead, simply because I will Focus on staying happy in the midst of anything & everything.

Like Lisa Smosarski, the editor of Stylist magazine, I stay loving avocados. Here in Lagos, I get the amazing ones, never too soft or black! First world food problems... and wait for it...they are organically inexpensive as well! Lol
They are good for the stomach, face and hair (SFH). One of those super foods imo. Add them to your 5 a day, especially since they are in season. Whipped up this lettuce n avocado salad last night 
I could swear it helps with developing a good sleeping pattern... using myself as an example... This isn't some heavily proven scientific fact tho!!! *disclaimer 😊

Here's to good food times, the season of Roasted Corn and Pears & happy days


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