31 days of happiness DoH day 12-18

I didn't neglect my 31 days I have  some sort of excuses...
A quick summary tho
Sunday was an interesting one, I was glad to be alive at its end as I literally passed thru a fire...
thankfully I wasn't burnt and I didn't explode.

Monday was filled with thoughts of strategy, plotting and scheming. This day i learnt happiness is forgiveness

Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday I worked by day and worked by night
Still happiness was fulfillment. To put a smile on face of the customer...
I read the book The Fishermen by Chigozie Obioma...
I will share my thots later

Friday- road trip whoot whoot! Saturday road trip again
Happiness is a wanderlust's pilgrim... I know that sounds funny but....
I don't ever want to be cured of travelling
Enjoy the weekend people
Ps. Be happy


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