31 Days of Happiness days 8 and 9 Can you hear the silence

can you hear the silence?

today like yesterday I laughed heartily.
gone are the 'so you have a voice and you can laugh?' questions I ask myself.

yesterday I found a place of safety. Today I stayed in my place of safety... and I can stay for as long as I want.

I read a couple of mails about the tube strike from TFL, and felt a wee bit nostalgic. Closed my eyes and thot about how filled to the door buses from Paddington would be, by the time they got to George st only 2 stops away. I opened my eyes and was thankful for my car...

Fuel in Lagos is another issue tho...
a word of advice, well, what I do. Every Saturday morning or Sunday morning, I fill up my car with fuel and if soooo necessary I take petrol jerry-can and put something in it. Saves all the drama of spending a long week day at work and a short night at a petrol station

I have done a lot thinking in these two days, I need to declutter my inner man
I need to hear the silence...

Ps: happiness is a choice


Blogoratti said…
Laughter is always good for the soul. Nice of you to share. Best wishes!
flygirlbidiish said…
:) you're welcome @blogoratti

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