31 days of happiness 4 and 5

as I type, I am air drying my hair, a dead sea face mask on while I watch Makunouchi lose to Date...

a clinch.... I take a break to type well

I think a neighbor just discovered the power of loud speakers and karaoke!!! This is worse than the fat lady singing Dolly Patton!

Yesterday was goodish, I did the cold-don't-stare-at-me thing when I was at an event.
Calmed down and went off to Art twenty one gallery...

 and cooled off with good hearts I call friends. I was hoping it would rain tho, the dry weather had its perks still.

I think I shall visit Ghana, as my next west African country to visit. Till then... Happiness is contentment where I am

Today...I didn't paint instead I read and faffed a lot on IG and Pinterest.
It rained... I am going to cut back more on sugar. I hardly ever take refined sugar but I take sugar in stuff that is laden with sugar, cookies, drinks from concentrate...
May be tough at the start tho... I am bracing myself

A bit of 'I am happy chants' actually worked, then head pampering
I let an avocado over ripen so I decided to let my hair enjoy some superfood goodness. My face also due for the good stuff 

Am I the only one whose nose feels raped when near a person who doesn't smell so good?

Was sitted next to a lady today, and every part of me that speaks wanted to tell her this "ain't right!" You're a lady you can't smell bad
She'd probably have said to me, there are more problems world wide than my lack of smelling good
Oh well!!

Ps: life is a gift... Say a prayer for Whitney's daughter too


Blogoratti said…
Life is a gift indeed. Nice of you to share, nice week!
flygirlbidiish said…
Thanks for stopping by @blogoratti have a good week too

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