Nigeria at 50, Day 12: Something Green

"Nigeria at 50, Day 11 – Baroque
...there is a reason our flag colours have stayed simply as green and white

Green is life abundant, it is nature , it is cool and calming, it is a balance, it is harmony
Green is a 'green leaf'

White is clean, it is pure and encourages new beginnings, it is light and peace. White is sharp and stain free. White is healing.
White is a 'white lily'

And then green comes again, green means no matter how low we fall, we won't stay at the bottom. We will spring back up. It may not be as fast as you want it... but we won't remain so low.

Nigeria may be 'bad' by worldly standards, 'developing' by earthly standards, 'in debt' by financial standards, prone to 'power cuts' by electricity standards, 'highly polluted' by green-issues standard...
so many standards, so many check lists

however a huge number of the world's happiest people reside there and are her children
and this won't keep the nation down.... we won't be a forgotten Land, or a barren nation
we will continue in Hope and even when the answers to our prayers are coming forth
we will continue to strive to get better
and then move to the best and pitch our tents there

There has been a war, there has been fights, there has been blood shed, there has been strikes there has been hunger, deaths... I am thankful that the Nation is still in unity despite all these
true prayers concerning Nigeria will not go unanswered...

Living outside Nigeria these past two years has totally made me appreciative of even more things about our nation... There is also a reason why Nigeria is in that left corner of Africa.... but that is story for another day

Something green has given us one of the best nature views in the world...
something green has given us vegetables, corn, palm... and many more
how many countries can say that almost all it's states or provinces have a resource that is most beneficial to the world including human resources?
Something white should teach you not to rely on your oars
something white should teach you to be eager to do your best even if no one gives you credit now
Something green-white-green will keep us upholding Her Glory
"do your best - not good not better, and leave the rest"
your rest will be someone else's best

Listen to Dead presidents by Plumbline...

Ps: I am thankful daily, I am Nigerian, for the opportunity to eat pounded yam, and Ogbono soup, to eat roasted corn and roasted yam, to eat ube and garden egg stew, to learn in a Federal School, to ride an okada and take long walks... for the marching songs... I am grateful for everything that makes Nigeria Nigeria and makes me a nigerian

"Nigeria at 50, Day13 - Enkay"


Myne Whitman said…
Great write-up, I agree that there is a lot to be thankful for and to give us hope for the future. I loved the last paragraph a lot too. Well done.
Anonymous said…
This is a whole new perspective of Nigeria. I love how you put it: "do your best and leave the rest..your rest is someone else's best." If only we could all adopt this.
There really is something green..and white about this country.
Nice piece.
rethots said…
Awesome, simply awesome.

When we learn to be thankful for what we have (exactly as it is) then, it becomes much easier not only to ask for more but also, be expectant of (positive) results.
Rachel said…
I am proud to be a Nigerian. The country is a force to be reckoned with. Tell me, which country has all the minerals and resources of the world in just one place? It's just bad that we do not have the leadership to propel us forward. And not forgetting that we are still united unlike other African countries.
bArOquE said…
ardoned in green white & green, i make boast as a child of the giant...i may not happy with my country but i am the proudest Nigerian you may ever know...

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria
bArOquE said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tisha said…
I love Nigeria
She'll get better.
Naijalines said…
Lovely ending, ...your rest is someone's best.
My world said…
...something green and white. we remain committed to the dream :)
Anonymous said…
Green symbolizes freshness and growth, Nigeria is on that path to sustained growth.

Welldone mate
olaoluwatomi said…
Nice! Never thot of the colors of the flag in that much detail.

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