...If I could hug you now,
somethings are beyond our human understanding
Sometimes trying to 'get' just messes up things
If I could hug you now... If I simply could

Got your franchise celebrity yet?
'Roll' out n do so
Let's support Mo'cheddar, it's knighthouse baybi!


Myne Whitman said…
I should get that while in naija
tobenna said…
A lyricist? A poet?
What are you?
There are some days I wish I could hug. Some other, definitely not.
Is today good enough for me to hug now? Will decide that at the end of the day...but then again, isn't that defeatist? Should I not make my days lovable?
today.....if I could hug you now.
Anonymous said…

I hope you are doing good, and I have a Tag/Award for you on my blog....


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