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ah ha a feel moment

So last friday i was on my way out to the other side of town and i needed to top up my oyster card. I headed to baker street station and while i was trying not to bump into anyone (rush hour) some nice dude waited for me to cross his path. There i was "in my element... lost in thought" looked up
in my mind: I know this guy ahhhhaaaaa
on my face: quick smile, nods thanks, head back down, eyes on the walk way
in my mind: gosh i know that guy!
other side of my mind: my friend! top up and catch the bus
and i pondered and pondered till saturday morning....then ah ha!
"this guy" happened to be Adetomiwa Edun who plays the character Sir Elyan in bbc's Merlin series. i picked up watching Merlin earlier this year when i saw a couple of episodes at one really nice Aunt's house.
omd! he's smaller in person... all the same i should have done what regular people do...err take a picture or something.

ps: say a prayer for at least 3 different countries everyday in the month…

one day in the past

After this post y'all *say it with an american southern accent* ok may be not all, someone may think he/she knows me...

It's tuesday morning, cafe (pronounced caff)menu is bread, boiled egg and *weak tea* well they don't actually call it weak, and it isn't is bournvita or may be milo or be pronto.
Girls' dorm is bustling with noise, bathing, bucket filling and carrying *if there is water, most girls fill their buckets the night before* ironing... yea we were proud of the short (well mine was always),blue and white striped uniforms we wore. I had my favourite, it was a round neck gown with pockets on both sides and rested well above my knees.
"I'm opening sardine" I say to my roommate
"Good I'll open baked beans" she replies...heinz, you know the deal.
Other preparations continue as we get ready for the day.
6.45am "gba! gba! gba!" that is the sound of the padlock hitting some part of the door. Trust me you can hear it fro…

the thing about 14th

happy birthday gramps
love you loads
it's another 14th and it has been a bit quiet tho...
i've been listening to fela, i'm meant to do some illustrations on him
you know his birthday is tomorrow?
well it is
October is filled with the births of the exceptionally great
Thank God for life