one day in the past

After this post y'all *say it with an american southern accent* ok may be not all, someone may think he/she knows me...

It's tuesday morning, cafe (pronounced caff)menu is bread, boiled egg and *weak tea* well they don't actually call it weak, and it isn't is bournvita or may be milo or be pronto.
Girls' dorm is bustling with noise, bathing, bucket filling and carrying *if there is water, most girls fill their buckets the night before* ironing... yea we were proud of the short (well mine was always),blue and white striped uniforms we wore. I had my favourite, it was a round neck gown with pockets on both sides and rested well above my knees.
"I'm opening sardine" I say to my roommate
"Good I'll open baked beans" she replies...heinz, you know the deal.
Other preparations continue as we get ready for the day.
6.45am "gba! gba! gba!" that is the sound of the padlock hitting some part of the door. Trust me you can hear it from the main gate if you listen well. "All juniors, get out of dorm! one! and the counting is to ten. Prefect locks door and ensures she has the names of all juniors who are 'late' *rme* those our seniors sha! some junior girls partly dressing out in the yard and they are not bothered. Depending on the prefect on duty, punishment had a range from submitting 4 double foolscap sheets with 'I will never get out of dorm late again' to being distributed to other seniors for duties
6.55am it's that sound again, for the senior girls. A bit of proper dressing up outside, eyes lined using some broken mirrors,wave combs and picking combs arranging the 7:15 most border girls have "kept their spaces" We sat on the main steps at school for assembly. Cafe was bustling with breakfast noise; different girls have "opened sardines, baked beans, tuna...mixed their own milos and bournvitas into the *weak tea* mixture. Cafe breakfast has been given a make over. Thank you Mr Asilem...*i hardly remember saying that tho* Someone hits a table, we all stand, a senior prays and we are free to do what we want. Assembly is by 7:45am.
Typical school noise before assembly... School bell is rung twice; the second ushers in the actual assembly meeting. If it's not going to be a funny assembly I put my head down all thru...sometimes up to share a few whispers with my friends. Did I mention most things we did were based on tradition? Sitting at assembly was also. You won't find junior boys or girls seated in the wrong place. Well except in rare cases. I'm in Js3, I am seated down well opposite the junior boys dorm. It was rather funny the older one got, the lower one sat on the stairs at assembly. Even though the steps were long we kind of had permanent seats for each term.
Announcements: "it is a tuesday in first term"
*All French club members have a meeting in cafe after this assembly*
*SS2D Agric students should see Mr Omopariola in the Old staff room after assembly*
*Cross country practise continues today, all those interested should be in front of the main library by 2:15*
*All Gongola house members who are marching are reminded to be in front of the main office by 2:15*
*All Osun house members marching meet at 2:15, Junior comm*
*dance n drama members meet under the mango tree in front of boys dorm by break*
Shall we stand to sing the school anthem
"...Our Faith in these" boy did we luv our School song
Anyway my first period is English Language,class is first floor main block....


TheRustGeek said…
Burgeoning nostalgia? Or merely remembering?
Its always fun for me to read stuff like this since I didn't experience it for myself.

Guess you're feeling the 'good old days' hmm?
flygirlbidiish said…
just remembering...:)
not really good old.... some not so long ago funny days
it was hard to imagine life beyond secondary school in Js 3.
lol wearing the blue and white just made us proud enuff for the now of then
HoneyDame said…
OMG!!!As soon as I started reading it, I was like, why does this sound familiar?!!!! YoungLady, did you by any chance attend ISI?!!!!!!!!
flygirlbidiish said…
yup......i did :)
there has to be only one school with it's school song ending with 'our faith in these'

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