ah ha a feel moment

So last friday i was on my way out to the other side of town and i needed to top up my oyster card. I headed to baker street station and while i was trying not to bump into anyone (rush hour) some nice dude waited for me to cross his path. There i was "in my element... lost in thought" looked up
in my mind: I know this guy ahhhhaaaaa
on my face: quick smile, nods thanks, head back down, eyes on the walk way
in my mind: gosh i know that guy!
other side of my mind: my friend! top up and catch the bus
and i pondered and pondered till saturday morning....then ah ha!
"this guy" happened to be Adetomiwa Edun who plays the character Sir Elyan in bbc's Merlin series. i picked up watching Merlin earlier this year when i saw a couple of episodes at one really nice Aunt's house.
omd! he's smaller in person... all the same i should have done what regular people do...err take a picture or something.

ps: say a prayer for at least 3 different countries everyday in the month of November.
for healing, for restoration, for help, for endurance, for Jesus....the list can be long


TheRustGeek said…
Delayed cognition then.... A picture would have been great.. for posterity I reckon...
flygirlbidiish said…
:) I know... I can almost walk by Baker st st. same time ever friday hoping to see him again

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