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olympics fever

It was British, and this time it was nice
Well done Danny lad,
a good job you've done *said with Master Yoda's voice*
The Era when tv was introduced into London
The time of the War and thereafter
The marches, the revolutions, the stands
The industrial generations, the work houses, the grits
The music, the storybooks, the lights
The fiction, the fact, the humor

There were no fires being swallowed
or hot coals being trampled on

James Bond  and the Queen jumped
Mr Bean played in an Orchestra
and that Chariots of Fire clip.
Mary Poppins and Emeli Sande... ok
the NHS, Great Ormond st. Hospital
staff and children
The 60s,the 70s, ancient and modern
even Macca....

Sports........ teams........countries.........islands
 Let the games begin

ps:Oh even the press had no negative words to utter -_-

oly fever

yup we've all got the Oly-fever
whether the weather likes it or not
its london 2012 baybee! in  couple of days

that missing smile

How quickly we judge others stems from how much we keep inwardly. Sounds like too much. I speak for myself when I say I am guilty of inwardly judging other people, sometimes too hastily. I look at an appearance and quickly dismiss the character simply based on what i see. Sometimes this clouds my judgement and i don’t give ear to the said character. There i find myself losing what i should have gained if only i had not dismissed this said character based on appearance.
I listen to some people and hastily dismiss them, judging them based on the words they utter. Maybe because they are unable to construct sentences using the right tenses in the language i speak. There i find myself losing people i can learn from and who can also learn from me too. People who can be real friends ready to even lose some sleep for me.
I hear about some people, i mentally note never to be caught in the same room as they are. Based on what I have heard, may be gossip, i have thrown them out, locked up and f…

some random happenings

thinking... picking the brains of those you consider smart.
reading their books, their quotes and if by chance available,
watching their interviews.
it is no news I keep a few dead people in my "those i consider smart" book
now I am adding some people still in this present world.
Yea *flygirl shrug* whatever, once upon a time they lived
But you can't live another man's life...or woman - as the case may be.
It is funny how some people write their own biographies, others don't even get to
read what has been written about them, still others don't even have anyone to write
about them... not even on their tombstones.
may be not funny --> ha-ha! but funny --> smile-shake-your-head-and-ponder-deeply.

I like smeg electricals, did since Big Brother Africa 1
so what?
I don't like cucumbers
who cares?

saw that dude at oxford circus this morning
"interesting style" was my first thought

my second plus thoughts "bleh! that is seriously old, the kind of s…