olympics fever

It was British, and this time it was nice
Well done Danny lad,
a good job you've done *said with Master Yoda's voice*
The Era when tv was introduced into London
The time of the War and thereafter
The marches, the revolutions, the stands
The industrial generations, the work houses, the grits
The music, the storybooks, the lights
The fiction, the fact, the humor

There were no fires being swallowed
or hot coals being trampled on

James Bond  and the Queen jumped
Mr Bean played in an Orchestra
and that Chariots of Fire clip.
Mary Poppins and Emeli Sande... ok
the NHS, Great Ormond st. Hospital
staff and children
The 60s,the 70s, ancient and modern
even Macca....

Sports........ teams........countries.........islands
 Let the games begin

ps:Oh even the press had no negative words to utter -_-


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