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and we wave 2012 farewell

As we wave 2012 farewell, I did two good deeds for this day
helped my grand aunt on this wet and windy 31st
and then waited in a very cold train station for over an hour for my friend so she wouldn't get lost.
In return I got a sorry excuse for a cup of hot chocolate but the manager rescued me from further mis....
and I got a free cup.
 2012 has been....
the long awaited year
Jubilee celebrations, an awesome Easter, olympics, games...
besides twas a cool year to say
"Twenty Twelve"

Learnt a lot this year, learnt I am my own best friend
learnt to be tolerant, learnt to simply be aware of people (not expect anything from many of them)
I learnt to trust God and I learnt more faith

This year I traveled too, it was lovely new places, new cultures.
Big up to 'Upper Crust' best travel hot chocolate
Finally got a hang of Spanish language and i'm getting Brazilian Portuguese language in little doses.

some days and weeks of sadness, so many mindless killings and my fri…