and we wave 2012 farewell

As we wave 2012 farewell, I did two good deeds for this day
helped my grand aunt on this wet and windy 31st
and then waited in a very cold train station for over an hour for my friend so she wouldn't get lost.
In return I got a sorry excuse for a cup of hot chocolate but the manager rescued me from further mis....
and I got a free cup.
 2012 has been....
the long awaited year
Jubilee celebrations, an awesome Easter, olympics, games...
besides twas a cool year to say
"Twenty Twelve"

Learnt a lot this year, learnt I am my own best friend
learnt to be tolerant, learnt to simply be aware of people (not expect anything from many of them)
I learnt to trust God and I learnt more faith

This year I traveled too, it was lovely new places, new cultures.
Big up to 'Upper Crust' best travel hot chocolate
Finally got a hang of Spanish language and i'm getting Brazilian Portuguese language in little doses.

some days and weeks of sadness, so many mindless killings and my friend passed away...
little ones were born, those of us left grew...
notwithstanding I had some dumb days, kiss and tell never works :)

i am looking forward to 2013
because in many ways there hasn't been so much noise about the year
because my travels will continue
because i'll move on too

Happy 2013, Happy new year
God's got us, it is only by Grace


T.Notes said…
Here's to a Fab 2013.
Happy new year....
All the best!
Anonymous said…
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