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i won't miss.......

its my last day at the last day officially!!!!as a worker even tho i havn't been around for a week!!!!!! then i'm back to my free lancing or however it is spelt

i'm sooooooooo glad yes!! yes! yes!!

not much for the headlines but i totally didn't like the office simply because any time i had to work in i had horrible working hours 8am-6pm call me lazy but i hate the working hours i hate it hate it!!!!


i won't miss........

1. the green chair.................lmao!!! it is the first thing!!!!! i hav to keep reminding myself about the chair and how i won't miss it!!!!

2. THE VENDOR!!!! aaaaaagh!!! that dude jus gets on my nerves........crawls into my head n snaps the very wrong strings!!!!

3. the office rat..............lmao!!!!!!.................the silly little rat that runs around on the window sill, nibbles at the biscuit crumbs in the bin,eats at the wires n stuff.........and ought to hav died in the last fumigation exercise that was carr…


Been writhin n turnin in pain for like a week in other wards sufferin from malaria and then typhoid (how I totally got that still beats me) but yestaday I was to happy to notice the major discomfort
Firstly the boys of my footie club are the total champs omg! U can say that again
Yes the top the charts the UEFA champs, and the English premiership league
Secondly I totally watched the match (in my almost down cast/right/ridden state) with my crush……blah-de-blah
Been thinking about bein an anti-nigeria’s political-stand-at-the-moment writer so I can hav a go at totally dissin all those people……I hav been reading back to back the newspapers since my……anyways my first take is on wednesday punch’s headlines
“what exactly do the masses care about if iyabo obasanjo “the daughter of the former president and also a senator in the country and I think a once upon a time health commissioner” sleeps in the DPO’s office
H.E.L.L.O!!!!!!! there is rice shortage, and food prices hav soared high and some sil…

a little about my past week n more

woke up yestaday with the lousiest {my older sis loves this word} headache i hav not had in a long time
my forehead was hurting horribly and i felt like someone put a hot towel on my head.....and becos of that my brain was tryin had to head still hurt this mornin but its far better that yestaday!
i just hate being i'll or sick or wotever!

my crush wants me to tell him i like him...................................1 word----'eww!' {said like summer roberts in the OC}

my week had been rather full of events
was chattin with my friend on tuesday and he told me a certain guy from college died in a certain unfair way.......we really never went beyond hi, me n this dude
but we did hav a lot of common friends and two of this common friends were in this certain guy's house...............the house they all live in caught fire and this certain guy and his brother were burnt in the fire
i wrote this .....sometimes pondering leads only to a dead endthe mind thinks and th…

la la la la and my mis hap

thats the song in my head......among other songs............i hav a crush, n i just spoke to my crush
and my ears are officially ringing! lol!
me being silly!!!!!
i had an officially rockin weekend..........listenin to peep show yup! thats the 50cents song i so love now!!!!o dear!!!
anyways twas parsey's weddin...............lmao! took the parsey name out of the word parsimonous (that may not be the right spellin tho) the ibadan people say.........."idea is need"

lucky for me a friend drove us to n fro the weddin after a totally small mis hap!!
the mis hap...................i totally wore safety pins as my mom rightly put it!
had to remove the zipper on the "wedding aso ebi"..........but thinking of it after i had paid money for the dress n all i totally wore it
trust me! i simply covered the obvious places lol!!!!!
lucky me none of the pins did me was i'll say........gangsta sturvz!
spent the rest of the evenin chattin with my crush

the good life, is....?

[Kanye West]
Like we always do at this time
I go for mine, I got to shine
Now throw your hands up in the sky
I g-go for mine, I got to shine
Now throw your hands up in the sky

[T-Pain] : I'ma get on this TV mama, I'ma
I'ma put shit down
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, I'm good

[Kanye West]
Welcome to the good life
Where niggaz that sell D
only then get pulled over in they new V
The good life, let's go on a living' spree
Shit they say the best things in life are free
The good life, it feel like Atlanta
It feel like L.A., it feel like Miami
It feel like N.Y., summertime Chi, ahh
(Now throw your hands up in the sky)
So I roll through good
Y'all pop the trunk, I pop the hood, Ferrari
And she got the goods
And she got that ass, I got to look, sorry
Yo it's got to be cause I'm seasoned
Haters give me them salty looks, Lawry's
50 told me go 'head switch the style up
And if they hate then let 'em hate
And watch the money pile up,
the good life

Now I, I go for mine, I got …

......lingerin in this unhealthy..........

"You’ll manage to avoid the worst of today’s cumbersome influences, but you are likely to be torn between two different courses of action today: you’ll either be a little too critical of others, or a little too soft-hearted. Maintaining a middle-of- the-road approach will be easier said than done"my horoscope for today!
some dude came into the office earlier to see someone here.......who wasn't on sit............and after exchangin a few sentences, he started talking like his tongue was stuck to his upper palette with some saliva-resistant evostik glue....blah de later i read my horoscope n start laffin at me cos i really blanked the guy afterwards he was some real fake dude........

at this moment i really want to swap the can of sprite in front of me with a bloody mary!! or smirnoff ice.......the little ones that come in the nice 33cl bottles i guess and have been mixed with lime or lemon or both!!! or one of the really nice cocktails served at the market pla…

this and that

the plan was to see a drama and and nothing more but that.........i even recommended that a bored friend should go see it also.........we'ld meet there
so we {my sister cousin and i} were about to set out and esty calls ok so i tell the rest of the clic we'ld pick up a fourth member yada yada we set out already late.....
my i'm to pick esty n all from a certain place maar.........we end up goin to his place first and ish there's a house warmin party goin on at his crib............blawdy heck!
and he made us come aaagh!!! (thats me tryin my best to scream) so we have to go into his house n all....
the setup.........his gramma's in Lagos i thot she'ld have gone back
so when she sees me she says "a ha! i spoke with ur gramma last nite and i'll speak to her today and tell her to guess who i saw today!"
i must have sworn unheard when she said that
because.................she'ld tell my gramma {best friends!! geez!!} who in turn will tell…

another day!!!

ok i'm lackin too many ideas this afternoon as i sit at my desk to blog... i hav declined a pool party invitation and the usual 'sit-around-the-table to work on a new design for a mag etc by the way i have truly made up my mind to quit doing pro bono illustrations {truly- cos i still did a couple even after i said i wouldn't}
they MILK ME DRY IN EVERY WAY AND DO NOT ENRICH MY POCKETS! tho i get to meet funny interesting crazily creative and 'crazy' people
its saturday and all i hav on my mind it canvas and spray paint lol!!!

i'm sad cos my grampa's been ill n been goin for so many medical sturvz since the beginning of the year and i really hope he does get better cos he is like the healthiest person i ever met...

its just so funny how we grow out of certain stuff we just thot would always be part of our lives... was in traffic again today tho it wasn't for a long time...about an hour...and i kept seeing the FAN MILK guys with the yorguts in the cardboard bo…

6 tags, M.I and the cane

I was tagged! By the young bee {Y.bee}…
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Six Unspectacular Quirks

1. I love artworks.... not just cos i'm an artist.... but there's an inner peace i feel jus staring at them. I also get to think deeply and properly in front of a piece.
2. I think everyone ought to be allowed to have their "my time".... the time when no one else can intrude no matter what they do.... its rather annoying that other people don't get it when i need to be quiet and unassuming
3. I like to fall into “an imaginated” world of mine just before I fall asleep and wake up to music
4. Ladies’ watches are fashion items I hav failed to understand…a watch big enuff to indicate the numbers and time is just good enuff for me
5. I think I gain more g…