Been writhin n turnin in pain for like a week in other wards sufferin from malaria and then typhoid (how I totally got that still beats me) but yestaday I was to happy to notice the major discomfort
Firstly the boys of my footie club are the total champs omg! U can say that again
Yes the top the charts the UEFA champs, and the English premiership league
Secondly I totally watched the match (in my almost down cast/right/ridden state) with my crush……blah-de-blah
Been thinking about bein an anti-nigeria’s political-stand-at-the-moment writer so I can hav a go at totally dissin all those people……I hav been reading back to back the newspapers since my……anyways my first take is on wednesday punch’s headlines
“what exactly do the masses care about if iyabo obasanjo “the daughter of the former president and also a senator in the country and I think a once upon a time health commissioner” sleeps in the DPO’s office
H.E.L.L.O!!!!!!! there is rice shortage, and food prices hav soared high and some silly lady who’s been playin hanky panky since she was er….em …..pressed the charges about some 300million or billion naira missing blah blah
She ought to hav slept underneath the high tension wires or something!

For now I am just totally happy!


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