a little about my past week n more

woke up yestaday with the lousiest {my older sis loves this word} headache i hav not had in a long time
my forehead was hurting horribly and i felt like someone put a hot towel on my head.....and becos of that my brain was tryin had to escape..........my head still hurt this mornin but its far better that yestaday!
i just hate being i'll or sick or wotever!

my crush wants me to tell him i like him...................................1 word----'eww!' {said like summer roberts in the OC}

my week had been rather full of events
was chattin with my friend on tuesday and he told me a certain guy from college died in a certain unfair way.......we really never went beyond hi, me n this dude
but we did hav a lot of common friends and two of this common friends were in this certain guy's house...............the house they all live in caught fire and this certain guy and his brother were burnt in the fire
i wrote this .....sometimes pondering leads only to a dead endthe mind thinks and thinks
only to return to its original point from where the thots came forth
how often we live as if tomorow was made for us
so far as we have money there is no room for troubles
but is there any truth in that?
we forget that certain are just meant to be.....in the real sense
and those things we can't change no matter how had we try
we would think and cry
we would shake our heads in sympathy and cry
we would stamp our feet and cry
death answers no one neither has itself no favourites
its like a call register,calling to anyone
can we ask death to hold one a while
or may come back next year, 8 years may be
we need time to prepare,people to inform
back at school we said so many 'hi-s' and 'hello-s'
here is me thinking we would always keep
sayin those 'hi-s' and 'hello-s'at reunions and the likes
rest in peace now
from the chaos, the stress, the troubles, the despairs
rest in peace

my heart and sympathy go out to his family
there were two fires also in the state.......one was caused by an electric fault
and another by burst oil pipelines
there was the earthquake also in china
and i am sure many other mishaps around the world

we all can't fall short of being thankful

my wednesday was quite funny too, decided to ask an RJ to play peep show
and crowd mentality
firstly the dude mentioned my name lol!!!!! but i was totally glad i did
i got to listen to MI, can u beat that!?!


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