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my trip, my boss and Joseph!!!!

Yes Boss!!!!!!
who doesn't like naeto C? ...... rhetoric........errbody does lol!!!
he made the 'Yes Boss' term famous
my trip
the goin was totally ANNOYING
the train trip to the airport was gud, so was my walk to the terminal n into the aircraft
everything was cut short when i saw my seat n the dude by my right side!
sat in n sat like a stick thru just becos the guy acted like the aeroplane chair was his throne
oooo he lept hittin me n i kept rollin my 'eyez' any was after we had supper n the trays had been taken i tried to get some rest so i turned to face his side so he wont hit my back if i turned it to him
i was jus gettin comfy and he had to hit my head 'WOT A MAN' anyways he was tryin to get himself up. Rolled my eyes again n tried to take position only for the dude to throw-up on the dude by his own right side and the dude behind him!!!!! once again i rolled my eyez but this tym i smiled.............he jus succeeded in embrassin himself n i didn't even h…

yestaday was friday

Thank God its friiiiiiday!!!!!
We all say TGIF but do we still play or dance to the song outside of our homes?
Arrrrrrrgh talk about initial DULLING!!! And Masterplan said it o
The video of his new single pasa pasa is out…….ding ding dong!!!
Check it at
Twas Party with the flygirl at carbon last nite!!!!!
My ears are still ringing!!Seriously!
The first DJ I’m sooooo sure just got dumped
Omg what ‘orrible playlist……….SCRUBS…..was the highlight of the list
Thankfully the really cute red t-shirted DJ took over n started with tic-tac!!!
I no fit shout o!!! then 9ice then tu-face then the koko master himself…..on n on…
In short we danced!!!!!
At initial dulling stage one of my girlfriends n I were tagging guys to pass time n we set eyes on some ‘arty’ guy in a yellow polo shirt n a blue sweater (jus imagin how bored we could hav been)
We spoke later on…….he jus wanted to hav our pictures taken at all co…
I just finished reading Meg Cabot’s Queen of babble
She’s a Star!!!!!!! I hav read a couple
I recommend ‘Size 12 is Not Fat’ also
Ok the first thing I noticed was the Quote! (....wise witty sayings whichever!) n other subsequent ones
I lurv quotes!!! Henry Ford n Ralph Waldo Emerson are my bestest best guys
Andy Warhol ‘forget the, u know, other queerness of him was a total bloke lol!!
Ok so the first 13 chapters’ quotes are written below:

c1. Our indiscretion sometime serve us well, when our deep plots do pall – William Shakespeare British poet n playwright
Whatever does pall me btw?n oh! The dud who won bb8 uk last year didn’t know who Shakespeare was? Hello r people getting dimmer?

c2. Gossip isn’t scandal and it’s not merely malicious. It’s chatter about the human race by lovers of the same – Phyllis McGinley US poet n author
Hmmm jus chatter… could hurt sometimes

c3. Anyone who has obeyed nature by transmitting a piece of gossip experiences the explosive relief that accompanies the sati…


chick peas chick peas chick peas!!!!
bb9 jus ended tonite.......................oo i had to make time out to watch it
chick-rachel-peas!!! is the winner lyk capital b.o.r.i.n.g!!!!!

my best diary-room session
LUKE!!! he jus had to always say it is!!
an up comin politician...........we'ld soon be votin him for mayor of London or maybe pm lol!!!
he's accent is soooooo funny lyk that geez!!! about an hilarious bunch of a woman oh! n she always sat straight
REX.........who says sarcasm is not a 'way of life' (culture)?????
lol!!!! his diary-room sessions were truly fun
oh n he's capricorn tooo yipee!!
Mikey...............half of his rantings were never heard thanks to his accent ha ha ha!!
when he says GIRLFRIEND - i hear GHETTOFRIEND
ok mikey was/is grumpy lol but he was funny whilst in the big brother house
n those chili pepper moments!!!! wot was he thinkin?

some big brother words
rebecca....aka....bex - so annoying tho it came out as arnnaying