my trip, my boss and Joseph!!!!

Yes Boss!!!!!!
who doesn't like naeto C? ...... rhetoric........errbody does lol!!!
he made the 'Yes Boss' term famous
my trip
the goin was totally ANNOYING
the train trip to the airport was gud, so was my walk to the terminal n into the aircraft
everything was cut short when i saw my seat n the dude by my right side!
sat in n sat like a stick thru just becos the guy acted like the aeroplane chair was his throne
oooo he lept hittin me n i kept rollin my 'eyez' any was after we had supper n the trays had been taken i tried to get some rest so i turned to face his side so he wont hit my back if i turned it to him
i was jus gettin comfy and he had to hit my head 'WOT A MAN' anyways he was tryin to get himself up. Rolled my eyes again n tried to take position only for the dude to throw-up on the dude by his own right side and the dude behind him!!!!! once again i rolled my eyez but this tym i smiled.............he jus succeeded in embrassin himself n i didn't even hav to try hard
apparently silly dude had been drinkin henessey!!!!!! i know that unbearable stench from a long way off..............after the ordeal the, should i say chief airhostess cos she had a different shirt on, came to ask him if he was alright n he was like
'all i did was take anti-malaria, then get in to my car
drove to the airport, parked and here i am'
arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!! wot a silly dude...........he had ben drinkin HENESSEY!!!
the older lady by my side concluded that he was one the naija men that can't eat pepperless food
LOL!!!! anyways the plane stank all thru the journey so i was forced to be awake n smel the crap

thursday thankfully the car trip home was major fun n so was the rest of my day
went to festac for my friends weddin engagement
my boss
spent the whole of friday with my favorite boss! sagie lol went to gtbank some people jus hav issues. besides i don't even hav any good thing to say about gt bank workers becos first of all they are time wasters!!!!!! all other annoying things fall in place
movin on.......sagie had a meetin n i tagged along.............that was how i saw DIP's new music video. MI is in it too..............the video is jus toooooooooooo geez i dunno the words
once its on youtube the link is comin up on the spot!!!!
moved club nomoreloss (couldn't even wait till late cos i still had to drive to festac)
but but but but i got to hang out with nomoreloss, masterplan yesssir! and DAPSY!!!!! yah!!!!! lol!!! told him that when M.P album comes out he's signin on it lol!!!!!
sagie n i later had cookies n then were chillin for dinner n then i got to run along
but MI performed at the club..................'heavy sigh' had to miss that!!!

the wedding was a huge succcess tho i was one of the late bridesmaids n the latest to enter into the church cos i forgot the scarf for my shoulders in the car...................twas really nice awwww such a chubby couple tooo......they had smiles on their faces thru out lol!!!!!!the only downlight was one of the other bridesmaids who had an attitude so i had to ex her outta the equation
geeez i don't do attitudes, its a waste of tym

sunday......i realised the leech had taken without askin a particular red belt of mine that i LURV!!! WTF!!!! she came to my house on saturday n took it aaaaaargh!!!!.........of cos i left the house late for church becos i was fuming silly over the belt..........u kno how these things happen
spent the rest of the day with my boss tooo that rocked lol!!!! rained all mornin thanks goodness the sun didn't come out tho......after i did a little runnin around i went on to chill with my boss again met clarence the maestro behind the really cute 9ja music videos around............he needs to see DIP's own tho
lol he's saggitarius!!!! accordin to him when fresh water n salt water are mixed they get to blow up!!!! had great tym hangin out with my boss
u kno u jus hav people around u, u really don't hav to say anything to them but their presence is jus enuff n all
got to listen to MI's short black boy, u simply hav to grab ur copy of his album when i comes out otherwise.............u will dull urself lol!!!...........but seriously

tuesday...............i was on my way back to the cold, er em freaky L-town but my flight was gud n gues who was one of the hosts........JOSEPH from bbn!!!! its does pay to be a big brother fan after all..................i was one of the JFC......joseph fan club dudets lol so when we landed i went o 'shake his hand' ha ha ha!!! anyways i got a fast track pink i.v jus cos of that. i simply breezed thru immigration n i could hav been out in like 20 mins but i helped a dude on the plane so i had to chill sha

I had a lovely tym in gidi no thanks to nepa tho but they acted accordingly if we had electricity thru out i'ld hav been very scared.......didn't really get into unnecessary traffic also he he he!!!
it pays to smile so keep smiling!!!!!!

saddly Uncle Yinka Craig passed away. He was an ace broadcaster, one of the reasins why nta was watched and also good friend of my parents. its so sad, still thank God he's at peace now. Fighting these sickness can be fully consuming. He is at peace and at rest now
He is another beautiful one who has passed away


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