yestaday was friday

Thank God its friiiiiiday!!!!!
We all say TGIF but do we still play or dance to the song outside of our homes?
Arrrrrrrgh talk about initial DULLING!!! And Masterplan said it o
The video of his new single pasa pasa is out…….ding ding dong!!!
Check it at
Twas Party with the flygirl at carbon last nite!!!!!
My ears are still ringing!!Seriously!
The first DJ I’m sooooo sure just got dumped
Omg what ‘orrible playlist……….SCRUBS…..was the highlight of the list
Thankfully the really cute red t-shirted DJ took over n started with tic-tac!!!
I no fit shout o!!! then 9ice then tu-face then the koko master himself…..on n on…
In short we danced!!!!!
At initial dulling stage one of my girlfriends n I were tagging guys to pass time n we set eyes on some ‘arty’ guy in a yellow polo shirt n a blue sweater (jus imagin how bored we could hav been)
We spoke later on…….he jus wanted to hav our pictures taken at all cost…..n we won’t ‘hav it’…… them naija university photographers!
We r meant to hook up with him next week cos its his birthday n all…….jus see how well we all got to know ourselves in little time
anyways i'm soooooooooo glad i'm spendin the next weekend in LASgidi!
Moving on…….The Bar………on that, loop bar ranks higher
I hate bitter stuff this includes alcohol in its various forms n types, coca cola is jus fine for me……..chilled in front of the bar tenders….there was 4 of them there still doin a bad job…….for 20mins before my humble self was acknowledged PITY!
The 3 levels at loop bar rock!!!! But their Djs need to be schooled……
Carbon has got the music but needs extra hands ish!
Movin on again….…Party with flygirl at traffic bar……….its a West end thing! Strictly come dancing!


laspapi said…
reads like you had a great time, flygirl...
Was at a football field last friday.
Wow, interesting read. Nice blog though. Off to read your archives as I can't believe that this is my first time here, so will check to see if I've been here before.

Take care.

flygirlbidiish said…
lol laspapi......was in lagos on sunday but i had to miss the gods r not to blame.....but i'll def do my drama sunday next tym i'm in lag
thanks solomonsydelle

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