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may be, definitely, a broken heart

a piece of my heart has left with you keep it safe,
till you smile at me someday
may be by then i will understand what love is about loving one so much,
 it hurts to have them far far far away

 i'd never think it like it is it will always be like it was with you,
those times you'd smile and we'd spray your perfumes
and then shout and we'd drink all the malt in your store
and when it was time to go
you stand at your spot and wave us good bye

a piece so large you've taken
the tears come and go but you have to keep it
my senior senior me...
i'll miss you forever

 got viva la vida playing, then accidentally in love, then the monkey song... all at the same time in my head


Is there more to hope than we know? Or is that truly we know nothing about hope? Not that I am searching for answers or looking for opportunities to generate questions I am only lost in thought. I am only facing something I have never had an interest in. It seems i am only trying to hold the wings of the wind...