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me bein silly

How these shop window mannequins make thin look fabulous! Don’t get me wrong, I’m one heck of a skinny young girl trying to eat up and have at least some curves. I am not all bony either but some little hips won’t hurt.
I am in class writing this because is really boring. I can’t concentrate on the things the tutor is saying, my head is clogged up from thinking and wishing I was invited to the MOBO’s , the Music of Black Origin Awards. If only!
I can’t even try to sing in the shower. The water would refuse to come out if I turned on the tap.
Estelle is one the artistes singing, so also is Taio Cruz. He is the ‘like a Star’ singer and I love the song they have together.
Back to the MOBO’s, I’ld just keep imagining I was invited rather than listen…
First I have to get my hair done. The crown of the head, if it wasn’t fixed right no matter what I wore or how much make up I hav I’ld look scruffy
Neat hair extensions would do the trick and a lovely pin…..simple is glam!!!!
Make up – I’m not so mu…

happy birthday grandpa!

i have always known that great people are born today
not a figment of my imagination!

Roger Moore's birthday is also today....................can't start listin out stuff tho

Happy birthday Grandpa
i'm sure where u are
u get to have a birthday everyday
still we are glad we got to know u and we also
got to always celebrate this with u........when u were 60. 65,70,75,80
u kno how it is
we always want our loved ones to live forever
we were already plannin ur 85th and gramma's 80th next year
but still even tho we don't hav u here
we can still celebrate
u meant and still mean and will always mean everything to us
u go grandpa......................!!!!!!!
only great men were born on October 14

Happy birthday!!!!

jus wanted to rant

.......been readin all mornin.........cos i hav got a test also chasin after huge buzzin houseflies..................yes huge buzzing annoyin huge flies
opened the windows cos thankfully its not cold as such today but then.................the house flies hav been havin a feel of flyin indoors!!!!!!
speakin of which BARKING smells
forgive me people esp peeps that live in Barking but Lord have mercy..............the stench is really bad
.............took a bus ride yesterday..........ended up bein bus depressed plus bus embrassed and bus ridicled i ever learn?
so the trip was to some party in barking ended up turnin back tho cos the bus i was meant to take when i got to the station didn't show up after 30mins of standin and soaking up on the stench!!!!
funny thing is East Ham doesn't soon as we entered the town of Barking the smell jus came up from no where.......and that was in the bus
so i decided to take the train out of t…

jus another day again

so i'm wondering ..... is conversing with one's self crazy....hmmmm!!
........laffin with one's self is that crazier?
but how do the creative minds get creative if they don't think up and talk within,
laff within also
whenever i ramble to myself my sister goes.....u've started again!!!! hearin music in one's head crazy
.......then dancin to the music must be crazier!!!
cos in reality no one else can hear it

i'm livin the capricorn life!!! n i totally lurv it

the video i hav made soo much fuss about ......
MI is the man this year......he told y'll
best buh-liv it!!!

i'm totally smitten by this one guy i kno!

jus one day

today i'm home n bored........i have books to read but all the wounds on shea butter glazed skin won't let me concentrate
my skin is really dry n has a mind of its own......which it uses at its free will its broken beyond pain and shea butter seems to be helpin out

this week i hav achieved not actually facebooking, and not actually dozing off in class
got a little bored with fb
besides i had to turn into bed early if i didn't want to spend my class hours dozin like an idiot

last month was a month of doin 2 peculair new things
i actually bought my first pair of heels.......high heels.......
my dayz!!! my 23years of bein human i hav never bought my self heels before and now i only own 3 pairs thanks to my sisters and my humble self eventually
well i try sef.......its not particularly easy to walk in those things

i also had extensions sewn to my hair.............i was actually freakin out when it was bein done tho
but i'm luvin it now
everyone seems t…

me n my big mouth recently

so last week wednesday i opened my big mouth and said i'ld help my so-called-class-friend make her hair!!!!!!!
i simply like makin hair jus becos.......anyways so she says she'll even pay me 40quid sef little did i know that the girl was jus a no gooder..........not like she hasn't been showin signs......i jus always give her the benefit of doubt
HANIWAYZ!!!!! so the biyemon.............coined the name outta hers n pokemon.........calls me up on friday nite n she yarns sha n is like ooo so we'll c tomorrow
send her my addy.........n by saturday am her aunt suddenly come into FreakyLondon town n she's busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........she sent the dumb text on sat mornin, couldn't b bothered about replyin the crap
some people do 'av them
so when i see her on tuesday she tells some elaborate story n ends it by askin if her hair is 'fine'? DUH!!!! was it meant to be 'unfine'? ha!???!CRAp i'm soooooo daft i should buy the story, WTFF!???!
she comes with…