me bein silly

How these shop window mannequins make thin look fabulous! Don’t get me wrong, I’m one heck of a skinny young girl trying to eat up and have at least some curves. I am not all bony either but some little hips won’t hurt.
I am in class writing this because is really boring. I can’t concentrate on the things the tutor is saying, my head is clogged up from thinking and wishing I was invited to the MOBO’s , the Music of Black Origin Awards. If only!
I can’t even try to sing in the shower. The water would refuse to come out if I turned on the tap.
Estelle is one the artistes singing, so also is Taio Cruz. He is the ‘like a Star’ singer and I love the song they have together.
Back to the MOBO’s, I’ld just keep imagining I was invited rather than listen…
First I have to get my hair done. The crown of the head, if it wasn’t fixed right no matter what I wore or how much make up I hav I’ld look scruffy
Neat hair extensions would do the trick and a lovely pin…..simple is glam!!!!
Make up – I’m not so much a fan of it………I’m no plain jane either………..the false eyelashes would rock……..the max factor would be the mascara of the night
My glasses would hav to go………..what with all the eye make up n ish! Can’t b hidin behind them spectacles lol!!!!
The nails would be the next issue to tackle.thankfully mine are natural hard n a beauty….i’ld go French ‘tipped’
Black Sandals………they always go with everything… I’ld be wearing black peep-toe heels with signature red heels ‘Christian Louboutin’
They just have to be………What!!!! I’m a star!!!! I was invited to the MOBO’s and geez I can afford them!!!!
I am at the awards because
I’m the girl NE-YO sang about…MISS INDEPENDENT.......i dunno y or how but i lurv that piece
gosh i could draw up a storyboard for the video of it.....for me only vid
besides I hav a new song with The Game and Jennifer Hudson…..i’m hot like that!
I’ve also got an upcoming album featuring D’banj, Kel,Riley,Dizzie, Danny K, Ricky Ross and Banky W
MI n I hav been cookin up stuff together in the studio…..HELLO!!!! why won’t I be invited………..besides the MTV awards is also comin up pretty soon
Finally I’ld wear a knit dress……….knit cos I’ld be different, knit cos I’ld be warmer….. this London cold jus get as e be!!!!
The dress would be grey with silver thread, a boat neck n huge buttons by the shoulder…….

This was wot yours truly was thinking in class yestaday!!!

i'm so glad lil' wayne won!!!!!!!!
i lurv that guy!


La Reine said…
Lol, planned the whole outfit and everything?

Yah, I feel u Neyo's Miss Independant
--u just feelin urself instead of paying attention in class! :P

Takia and keep warm!
go daydreaming during cass

n great choice oof artits; m.i is on point!
too many typos in last comment

must go back to typing sch
flygirlbidiish said…
lol!!! imagin n i was in class o!
shame on me
laspapi said…
don't fall in love with a dreamer- Kenny Rogers
Anonymous said…
lol! iro o! this girl ur sth else oloun gbo!
Anonymous said…
wait o...u said u already seen photos on fb...does that mean u know who I be?
Buttercup said…
Hehehehehe dreams do come true! Obama has proved that!

Black peep toes with red heels just sounds fab!

Do u know taio cruz is a nigerian? Well, he has a nigerian father, that makes him nigerian, right?
flygirlbidiish said…
C-riously he's got naija blood.............i think i need to start!!! i wish

abi o dreams come true

naa chari i can't even guess.....but i hav seen lots of pictures

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