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lines on my face

long before I knew about menstruation or how children are/were conceived, I made up my mind I would do my best to have no lines on my face. this may be a series of random but not so random thoughts crossing my mind, which actually I have/had thought of (hope that makes sense to you) I do not frown. Not because I don't know how to, I can't afford to frown, so I don't. Nope I do not frown when the sun's in my face, and no I do not frown while washing my face I do not raise my eyebrows up, I have learnt how to 'not-raise-my-eyebrows-up' I find time to laugh at myself, and I mean totally laugh out loud. Blame it on the rules I live by. "never complain about a person except you have absolutely no flaws and totally beyond others complaining about you" Twas a week of rainfall, it is funny how 'the inches of rainfall' is over-emphasized the sun shined down well on us, then tonight the slight drizzle resumed can't complain, April has to go out in …

today it poured down

I woke to hear the sound of tyres rolling on wet tar I walked out with my umbrella covering me and my jacket keeping the winds away it poured down all day I learnt new things today,including how to make sure the positive thoughts i have for people triumph over the negative ones We just got in from watching 'Salmon fishing in Yemen' it had the British humor, all the same there is something about the movie, just quite haven't been able to lay my hands on it. Ps: what is it with guys checking babes out and doing it in an obvious way, like so obvious? Ok I didn't get the memo

no rain, the sun shined

we got a break from the wet weather today, and even the gusty winds. It felt pretty good too, didn't have to slug about my jacket for the whole day away with the drought reports, let the waters rise :) i used coin drop washer and dryer for the first time today a bit awkward, so sure the babe at the laundry thot i was weird, whatever we learn as we grow yes? When the movie, kidulthood came out the other year I couldn't be bothered but since then, I've moved about a bit, learned a great lot and also watched BBC's "my murder" so today i watched it as well. do you remember when you were 15? I do... I thought i ruled the world with my wooden pencil... 'London' as some people know much pressure I'm only grateful for the life we've been given, all the same there is pressure everywhere Dear Lord give me grace to make the best out of it been learning so much bout the other side of the town i have learnt to call home, eye opening tings many thou…

yesterday was a couple of minutes ago

it was going to be a "today's post" till I looked down and saw that it was 23:59 yesterday some guy used a cheesy line... na, a couple of cheesy lines while talking to me I still gave my number #dontknowwhy yesterday it was 'orribly cold as early as 6:15am nicely warm by 4pm, and raining by 9:15pm yesterday I walked into the coolest shop since a long time it's at Notting hill gate (not really a fan of upper pembridge road, cos people bump into you, not because they can't see but because they are walking. that is the first among many reasons i feel better off in a moving vehicle than walking there) it's called Mimi Fifi. Don't visit London without paying Mimi Fifi a visit too

one of those times

one of those times
yea, those times you simply wonder
where did it get so complicated...
do you never care about how others feel
when you go and whisper about them to someone else
while they can see you,
and it isn't like they are hard of hearing...
do you think all of a sudden, they have just become deaf
and it is ok to make unpleasant remarks
because you can speak

today i learnt a lot
today i also learnt to take that step back
let the wind blow while i catch my breathe
and ensure i stay away from people who think
they doing you a favour when they can't even assure you of your next minute

life isn't so complicated when you simply do proverbs 3:5

ps: you are missed but never forgotten, happy birthday Osas
i never called you back when i promised
3 days has been 7years...