lines on my face

long before I knew about menstruation or how children are/were conceived, I made up my mind I would do my best to have no lines on my face. this may be a series of random but not so random thoughts crossing my mind, which actually I have/had thought of (hope that makes sense to you) I do not frown. Not because I don't know how to, I can't afford to frown, so I don't. Nope I do not frown when the sun's in my face, and no I do not frown while washing my face I do not raise my eyebrows up, I have learnt how to 'not-raise-my-eyebrows-up' I find time to laugh at myself, and I mean totally laugh out loud. Blame it on the rules I live by. "never complain about a person except you have absolutely no flaws and totally beyond others complaining about you" Twas a week of rainfall, it is funny how 'the inches of rainfall' is over-emphasized the sun shined down well on us, then tonight the slight drizzle resumed can't complain, April has to go out in style. Giddy with excitement as May rolls in. ManUnited lost tonight. It's been long since I talked footie...


Anonymous said…
You're gracefully growing younger.
The "raised eyebrows" reminds me of something.

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