yesterday was a couple of minutes ago

it was going to be a "today's post" till I looked down and saw that it was 23:59 yesterday some guy used a cheesy line... na, a couple of cheesy lines while talking to me I still gave my number #dontknowwhy yesterday it was 'orribly cold as early as 6:15am nicely warm by 4pm, and raining by 9:15pm yesterday I walked into the coolest shop since a long time it's at Notting hill gate (not really a fan of upper pembridge road, cos people bump into you, not because they can't see but because they are walking. that is the first among many reasons i feel better off in a moving vehicle than walking there) it's called Mimi Fifi. Don't visit London without paying Mimi Fifi a visit too


bArOquE said…
Don't tell me you went & bought an old book or figurine from your childhood days...

Guess who's back on blogger
How are you?
flygirlbidiish said…
lol bout to get smurfs figurines and stuff from Disney too.
i'm cool, you?, why did you take a break?

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