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this music scene sha

Without music, life would be an error. The German imagines even God singing songs.
Friedrich Nietzsche

so i finally got da grin's album
Lord have mercy...only the collaborations were 'it'...he is like a dilettante,
in many -short -words!!! that album get 'coma'!!! i won't listen to it in a while
chief excutive omoita sha!
loving gbamu gbamu - 9ice jus got the album as well

taking some pictures with n.a.l.a...{deux}

took a couple of pictures again with n.a.l.a
the doll is a toy from a happy meal...and that's my scrawny 'not-so-artistic' handwriting.
truthfully i just realised i could upload 'fotos' directly from n.a.l.a to the flygirl's blog...
'so there's an app on n.a.l.a for that' ..... yea i wish it's more like a 'click'
saddly i'll rather use a computer otherwise i'll get an extra 98p or more added to my regular bill...

a little jobless not

just messing around with pen and paper


so i really don't get 'the news' except i stumble on it and things like that
didn't know how bad the Jos and Haiti Situations were till i saw #tweetphotos
Oh dear!!! it's hurtful...

words can never fully express the heart's thoughts
neither can the mouth fully describe what the mind sees
i do hope there can be peace felt again
somewhere, somehow, some time very soon

give something...time, clothes, food...

sixpence none the richer

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.
- Henry Ford
I passed my exams 2 more and then 3 and then i'm on the way to be a 'drawing chartered management accountant'
i'm grateful for success

nothing major

"how many words of yesterday, do you recall?" swahili

ponder! don't say to many things just because you have a mouth and can actually form sounds

who has been watchiing celebrity big brother - i have!!!
(me and BB sha)
stephen Baldwin for the winner!!!! yay!!!!!
so there's this lady in the house heidi - she scares me silly
sisquo's in and not MC hammer and the cute swedish guy who sang "all i ever wanted"but he can't play a joke

so nigeria's president is.... our nation needs prayers.....don't stop praying :-)
here's a funny link i stumbled on: