this music scene sha

Without music, life would be an error. The German imagines even God singing songs.
Friedrich Nietzsche

so i finally got da grin's album
Lord have mercy...only the collaborations were 'it'...he is like a dilettante,
in many -short -words!!! that album get 'coma'!!! i won't listen to it in a while
chief excutive omoita sha!
loving gbamu gbamu - 9ice jus got the album as well


wow, so Dagrin's album didn't work for you, eh?

Haven't listened to the whole thing but was going to have my mom pick a copy for me.

Happy new year btw
life said…
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flygirlbidiish said…
@solomonsydelle na i didn't 'werk' for me :-)!

@life thanks; i will

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