taking some pictures with n.a.l.a...{deux}

took a couple of pictures again with n.a.l.a
the doll is a toy from a happy meal...and that's my scrawny 'not-so-artistic' handwriting.
truthfully i just realised i could upload 'fotos' directly from n.a.l.a to the flygirl's blog...
'so there's an app on n.a.l.a for that' ..... yea i wish it's more like a 'click'
saddly i'll rather use a computer otherwise i'll get an extra 98p or more added to my regular bill...


Myne Whitman said…
Snow looks so cute but not when it's melting away. LOL. Nice pics and yeah there's an app for almost anything. As for as you pay for it.
flygirlbidiish said…
it looks good most when your indoors to
saddapunjab said…
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