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Lifetime music musing iPod touch lives, apparently I am one of the few mentally healthy humans with one of those....and with only podcasts and no music
I still read stylist thank God for apps, i get bit of the British vibe, while missing aimless walks in John Lewis' flagship store. 
I Love reading the editor, Lisa Smosarki's notes in a not-so-old issue, she wrote 
"My music collection is littered with best-of albums and random tracks from my teens. If new music makes it on to my iPhone it’s so popular even my Nana’s singing it – and she knows stuff I don’t.. This lack of musical evolution is my own fault – at some point after turning 29 I stopped going to gigs, got a bit too hooked on Radio 2 and forgot to start discovering new music"
Omg I totally relate, and I am just 29 seems I see what path my lifetime music loving is following...
Today I am listening to David O's Aye back to back thanks to a colleague at work.
Ps: growing up.... is so so still thankful!

Oh well...

I just had to type... Hi blogvilleLong time no post, read... I blame the typing bit. I have had so many, sooooo many posts and titles in my head, heck the typing bit just puts a downer I have moved cities, I have started a full time job, I have completed an MBA degree and I have changed ages *smile* I get to try out new products like CloseUp's new herbal toothpaste with aloe vera (started today, will review in 7 days) what I hate is the sloppy customer service in so many places in Lagos Sweet Sensation's one place and I have learnt a lesson, I don't bother wasting money and good time in that eatery again.  Working is... interesting I deal with the fun, the cool... what i still can't deal with is... the office gossip and those who take things and don't return them And that is why I chose to type today! It has to be addressed, dunno some sort of therapy! Why do you take things from people err you walk up to them, ask to use something of theirs and you just can't return!…