Oh well...

I just had to type... Hi blogville
Long time no post, read... I blame the typing bit. I have had so many, sooooo many posts and titles in my head, heck the typing bit just puts a downer
I have moved cities, I have started a full time job, I have completed an MBA degree and I have changed ages
I get to try out new products like CloseUp's new herbal toothpaste with aloe vera (started today, will review in 7 days) what I hate is the sloppy customer service in so many places in Lagos Sweet Sensation's one place and I have learnt a lesson, I don't bother wasting money and good time in that eatery again. 
Working is... interesting I deal with the fun, the cool... what i still can't deal with is... the office gossip and those who take things and don't return them
And that is why I chose to type today!
It has to be addressed, dunno some sort of therapy!
Why do you take things from people err you walk up to them, ask to use something of theirs and you just can't return!!!!
Nope can't deal! Someone needs help either me or the 'unreturners'

Who's watched the episodes of 'An African City'? Amazing or what!? 
I want more!!!

Ps: Unilever, do you plan to sell 'CloseUp Naija Herbal with Aloe Vera, Mint and Lemon' outside Naija? #justwondering


theOOhj said…
Sounds like someone's settled in nicely....

Office gossip gets my goat too... Currently have to overhear all sorts of crud at work.... I shudder at work they say behind my back too...
flygirlbidiish said…
:) i have thank you
you know whay i tell myself
"be wary of the one who laughs with you and then says unhealthy things when you aren't there...they can kill"

harsh... but'em

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