Lifetime music musing iPod touch lives, apparently I am one of the few mentally healthy humans with one of those....and with only podcasts and no music

I still read stylist thank God for apps, i get bit of the British vibe, while missing aimless walks in John Lewis' flagship store. 

I Love reading the editor, Lisa Smosarki's notes in a not-so-old issue, she wrote 

"My music collection is littered with best-of albums and random tracks from my teens. If new music makes it on to my iPhone it’s so popular even my Nana’s singing it – and she knows stuff I don’t.. This lack of musical evolution is my own fault – at some point after turning 29 I stopped going to gigs, got a bit too hooked on Radio 2 and forgot to start discovering new music"

Omg I totally relate, and I am just 29 seems I see what path my lifetime music loving is following...

Today I am listening to David O's Aye back to back thanks to a colleague at work.

Ps: growing up.... is so so still thankful!


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