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Five of my 5 a day

This is the first time I am actually eating 5 fruits in a day!!!!
I just feel happy about it. I am not a farmer, so sometimes I only have access to a certain number of fruits or even the number of fruits daily.
Anyhoo, today, in no particular order (said in Davina's voice) I have eaten An orange An avocado, my superfood A banana An apple A pineapple 
And so to bed, I will lie down a happy fellow!!
Good night

bored but why

Nature has been kind, Lagos hasn't been hot...

I am bored... I wondered why till now.
I am meant to be working on two projects with 3 amazing people. I am excited about them, scratch that I am super excited.
Work is sooooooo busy, I may have no time to think or do me but I have been bored...

Anyone ever felt like running away? I mean running away for good stuff...

ok I rephrase. I will like to run away to err Brazil, teach Art or Maths or English... Learn Portuguese
just a bit of out of the ordinary excitement and holidays....

I can do mission work :)

have a great day people, my cute ramblings are over
💋 xoxo flygirl

Ps: Engaged friends are so cute
hello stranger,
why do you want to bite
much more than you can chew?
why do you want to pick up hot coals
with your bare hands,
forgetting they burn?
why do you want to ruin today
by not considering tomorrow?
why give in to pleasures that are fleeting,
soiling moments that could have been great

no stranger, you are not allowed. I'd flee

31 Days of Happiness day 28 to 31

it has been real...

July has ended, August is here. Can't stop the days from turning to nights and the nights from becoming days.
It does feel a bit too fast when I dwell on it.

I have had a pretty much busy schedule in the couple of days still I am thankful for a jobs and turning ideas into real stuff. I have had to work on a fairly big campaign I am really proud of. I was in a meeting a couple of days ago and I caught myself using what I refer to (within myself) as advertising lingo. Then i kept saying (within myself again) fancy you speaking this way.
I have loved the extra effort I had to make by ensuring I was happy... Consciously at first and it just carried on...
I am carrying it on. I am going on with being happy

journey to being a wholesomely better person has started. I am taking up 3 major projects, with help of cos. I know it will be tiresome at some point it will also be good. I see the good so I am really looking forward. Humans, imo were not created to retire.

it h…