bored but why

Nature has been kind, Lagos hasn't been hot...

I am bored... I wondered why till now.
I am meant to be working on two projects with 3 amazing people. I am excited about them, scratch that I am super excited.
Work is sooooooo busy, I may have no time to think or do me but I have been bored...

Anyone ever felt like running away? I mean running away for good stuff...

ok I rephrase. I will like to run away to err Brazil, teach Art or Maths or English... Learn Portuguese
just a bit of out of the ordinary excitement and holidays....

I can do mission work :)

have a great day people, my cute ramblings are over
💋 xoxo flygirl

Ps: Engaged friends are so cute


Blogoratti said…
Interesting thoughts indeed, thanks for sharing and have a nice week!

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